"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, October 14, 2004

how i spent my birthday

I woke up way later than I should have, but still earlier than usual. I don't understand how people can start their days at 8 am. Eeeeek.

Oddly enough I talked to Mark for about 2 hours, catching up on a lot of personal and band stuff. Though he did call me before noon (i have a rule against that you know, just because i am up doesn't mean i want to talk to anyone), but i do make exceptions. What an emotionally heavy conversation!

Went shopping for a few hours and then out to dinner with my mom. Got lost in PA and met up with Chris, Katie, and Jake at the Point for the late Ben Lee/Teitur show.

The Point's mint hot chocolate is fabulous.

Teitur played about half old, half new songs, but with a band. Band meaning drums, upright bass, and either acoustic or electric guitar. They did an interesting cover of "Great Balls of Fire" as the closer.
"We are performing this in a minor key...because we know Jerry likes minors..." - Teitur