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Saturday, January 08, 2005

hello from hoboken

Hi there!
Just a quick note. I've been so extremely busy these past few weeks that I haven't had the time to post!

Well...I kicked off 2005 with a new full time job in New York City working in music management. I absolutely love it and it should be pretty exciting if this past week has been any indication!

I also just moved into an amazing apartment in Hoboken. I live with three 24 year old girls; Cheryl works for a sports marketing agency, Lindsay works for Good Times Entertainment, and Meagan works for Morgan Stanley. I am sure you all will hear more about them in the upcoming weeks! We all share a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment on the fifth floor. I swear, by the end of the month, I am going to lose 15 pounds by walking up these stairs and the 2.5 mile roundtrip walk to work from Port Authority each day.

This all still feels like a vacation. Though not quite away from home, which I don't even know which city deserves that privilege yet. Though I am still always on the go, it is a bit more structured now. And I also love the fact that I work mostly through e-mail and aim, which means I can also sneak in correspondence time with everyone else. So in actuality, I think I have talked to some of my friends more so than usual! Haha, so spreaking of talking to people...I just got an iPod and didn't know how to turn it off (shut up) so I figured I would call someone, so I choce LoPresto...who was in Seattle. I was with Aurora at the time and when I hung up, I was like, "that was the weirdest thing ever...I had to call soomeone to find out how to turn off a gadget and he ends up being across the country". I dunno, just seemed weird.

Let's see...what else have I been up to. To make it brief because I need to start my day, here is what I did the past week....
Monday - first day of work, Aurora was in NYC dropping Jackman off at the train station, she came over and saw my apartment and we went out to eat and get drinks
Tuesday - I think I just came home and unpacked and slept...
Wednesday - work, then met up with Maryellen, her cousin Brian (who told me the Columbia Records motto because apparently it will help me in the biz...), and her coworkers at Typhoon, then went down to Suite 16 for a tsunami relief show. JJ (Appleton) had sent out the e-mail a few hours before, so I was all set to actually sleep. Didn't happen.
Thursday - work, then met up with Matt (Mead) who took me to the Goldhawk in Hoboken then checked out a coffeehouse.
Friday - work then stayed in and unpacked EVERYTHING and set up my room. About to go to bed then Steve (Piperno) called.

Jampacked. :-) This weekend is pretty lowkey. I was going to go with the GTT crew ice skating in Central Park but its raining, so I doubt that will happen tonight. BUT!!! Maryellen and I are hitting up Target then prolly just chilling and watching TV or a movie. Tomorrow my mom is coming up with the last of my belongings then we are hitting up IKEA because I realized I have no shelves or drawers and need basic bathroom furnishings. I swear I don't ever want to move again!!

Things to catch you up on: LDE, New Years, The Grape. Rainbowtasticness, DC......good thing I will be having a lot of down time this weekend!