"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Indian food and Rheingold in the lower east side

"i'm trying to read but i can't concentrate
turn up the music to drown out my head
with the lights out awake in bed" ~ ryan link

Last night I accompanied Angela and her friend Jen to the Lower East Side for Indian food and some rock music and it was fabulous.

I correctly navigated myself to the subway, got off on the right stop, and picked the right direction to walk to find 1st Ave - YAY! We ate at this hole in the wall where all the taxi drivers go, but it had AMAZING Indian food. I love Indian food. And you can never deny a full meal for $2.75! The Indian place was small and we ate on a counter top. My heart skipped a beat when this guy who looked like Ryan Adams strutted in. Perhaps because Laura and I were just talking about him, but he did bare a striking resemblance. It wasn't him, or else this blog would have started out differently. After dinner, we braved the sleet to 3rd St.

Yeah - the sleet. What the hell! It was like 55 degree the other day and now it was totally nasty out. Cold, windy, wet, painful! We found the Apocalypse Lounge and a table. What an awesome little bar - now this is my type of place! This is the first place that I have been at in the city, since I have been here that I truly enjoy. Well, aside from Tribeca, but I have been going there for years, so that doesn't count. It was so dirty and artsy and stellar. Boys in white belts are hot. And the music was great - Angela and Jen are into Ryan Link and I have heard good reviews, and the performance lived up to the expectations.

After the show we trekked through the slushy city sidewalks to our respective subways and called it a night. I was absolutely frozen and drenched when I came home fifteen blocks after emerging from the PATH.