"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Friday night at Mulligan's


I adore my Fridays, and of course, this past one was no different. The crew was off to Mulligans, but not without pregaming at Maryellens.

I stayed at work until 8:30 then bolted home to change, have a banana for dinner, and run five blocks to Maryellen’s. I brought vodka in water bottles, let over from the past two weekends and they made fun of me. :-) I joined Maryellen, Chris M., Cay, Mike, and Peter in the pregaming and dancing festivities. Gilligan and Steve joined us shortly after I arrived. Unfortunately, Steve came without his Harley.

We enjoyed drinks, laughs, and tunes. Maryellen was dancing up a storm and it was fabulous. We got into a deep conversation about childhood television shows. Steve and I weren’t allowed to watch Married With Children, along with other prime time staples. The room was also divided into a Simpsons vs. Family Guy vs. Futurama debacle. Then all hell broke loose when Star Wars was brought up. Gilligan said that it was on two different planes…I mean, come on…you are dealing with a galaxy far far away a very long time ago. Steve backed out of this argument then called me out since gauging my reaction, he knew I knew nothing of Star Wars. And of course we all talked about how we are too busy to even watch TV anymore. A soon as “Hey Ya” came on the party mix, we all simultaneously busted out some sort of dance move. To be followed by LDE/Chris B’s “The Story”, to which half the people there asked who sang the song. It’s Maryellen’s most favoritist song of the moment, so of course we belted it out. Only with our parties can you hear our friends on the stereo. Before we left, we talked about the best five vocalists of all time, though Gilligan added the stipulation that you have had to see the artist live.

Maryellen let me make her a drink (ohhh how I love being a chemist, though my mixes don’t even compare to Chris L.’s concoctions!) and we filled up our red cups and walked down the streets of Hoboken to Mulligans. So very far away and of course in true Miranda fashion, I tripped, though gracefully.

We get to the bar a forever and an hour later and grabbed our drinks at the bar are torn between Blur in the DJ room and David Gray in the jukebox room. Oh what a perfect bar, and David Gray won out. Immediately upon entering the DJ room, I pick out a boy who would be fun to look at for the rest of the night. Shortly after finding my prey, he busted out a dance move and the general consensus was that he was gay. Of course he was. Because of Steve’s new Harley acquisition, Morita and Maryellen brought a George Thorogood CD, so that Robb could spin a tune dedicated to Steve. Maryellen and Pete totally showed the dancefloor what was up with their wicked ballroom dancing moves. It was hot. After they were done dancing, Morita was proposition, and not by Maryellen!

Morita and I noticed the unusually high number of gay men in attendance – I was in heaven! They weren’t gay hot though, except for the initial one. Before we could get a clean sweep of the room, my jam came on – “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. Oh no, the room was done for! Time to dance and sing! It was all over, and joining me of course, was the throng of gay men who got down with Clarkson. I even have a favorite part. I just couldn’t resist. I danced, I jumped around, I sang, and I think I even brought out the air drum while Morita did air guitar, it was fabulous haha.

We got into a conversation about the tiers of friends we have and growing up and people you make time for and those you don’t, and how when you are in your twenties, seeing a friend once a month is perfectly acceptable. Soon after, Robb spun Steve’s motorcycle song, in which we all feigned handlebars and vroom vroomed. Steve responded with, “you mother fuckers won’t be laughing when I die from the crash!” Oh but its great!

The night was winding down, but the tunes were still danceable so Jim grabbed me and we ended up being the only ones dancing on the floor, it was fabulous. Some people joined us, but we had a good time busting white boy/girl moves to vintage tracks.

It was getting late, so I left with Steve and Gilligan. On the way back to the car, it was decided that Steve and I are long lost siblings – ha! We also talked about how Gilligan could so clear a parking meter if he wanted to and back roads are always safer when you are tipsy.

What a fun night, we danced, laughed, and reminisced all night. What a wonderful group of people and I am so glad that they are up here and we hang out – when’s next?!