"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, August 28, 2005

two girls, a guy, and a betta fish

Helllllllo from 192A!!!

I am too tired (um, hi - Eva Longoria is wearing lingerie on stage) to unpack any more. I really don’t have too much to go, just boxes of CDs to shove under my bed (don’t worry – they’re all on the ‘puter and iPod already), a shelf to put up (once my door is on), and picture frames to hang. Hmmm…I have four rolls of film still to develop since I have moved here, maybe I will do that this week as well.

I went home to Delaware on Saturday to bring my car back (I hope it’s ok in the Spanish Harlem that we now live in…). Same ol’ one traffic light, one gas station town, no Starbucks (!), town. We hit up the bear Wal-Mart around 10 pm on Saturday to pick up some new apartment essentials such as toiletries, storage crap, and cleaning stuff. 10 pm Saturday night was prime date night at the Wal-Mart in Hickville. Entertaining to say th least. Again, it reaffirms that if you watch “Sweet Home Alabama” that is my life (and my cousin is in it ;-) ). You know, there’s a whole great big world out there. We grabbed Chinese take-out and went home to watch SNL. I also don’t have a room any more and slept on the air mattress in my mom’s living room.

Woke up early to a great home cooked meal of omelettes, fruit, coffee, and orange juice. I hit the road for north after I loaded the Go-Go Cabrio with my clean laundry, groceries, and apartment items. Rarely do I listen to the radio, especially since they took y100 off the air, but flipped around the stations for nostalgia’s sake. I do have love for WSTW and WXPN so I had to absorb it all while still in range. Crazy when I got back into my car with Wawa coffee in hand (they have newly designed dome lids!) Mellencamp’s “Small Town” was playing on WSTW.

Surprisingly I didn’t hit beach traffic – but I did ht another Wawa to grab lunch for tomorrow. Jen is correct when she preaches that soggy Wawa is better than no Wawa at all. As I neared NYC, I realized that I had no idea how to get to my new apartment. If you ever have driven with me…you could guess that I really didn’t care and just decided to wing it. Yeah…I am sure there is a quicker way than the way I went. Came home and unpacked. Exciting.

Around 4:30, Tanya and I got restless, went to Target and filled up a cart of things we needed and didn’t need but looked fun (such as cookie ingredients!). It is so awesomely wonderful that I have my car here. Hopefully it’s ok…we live on the “main street” and we can park there anytime during the weekend, but during the week it has to be elsewhere. I found a spot two blocks away and I just have to move it tomorrow night for street cleaning…so I guess it’s ok…

We’re now watching the VMA’s and they suck. Hey, you know what? Manhattan is outside of our window! I think we said that about 28 times this weekend. We cracked open a Yuengling earlier in the night and toasted to ourselves for being awesome (sorry Dan, we thought of you…).

Back to the VMA’s…seriously, we all understand that most of the performances are lip synced – but does it have to be blatantly obvious? Specifically, R. Kelly and Mariah Carey…I heard their voices, but their mouths were closed. Ugh. For the most part, I agreed with the winners. I’m especially critical of music video – especially since I thought I would end up doing that. Did you see the trainwreck that was Jessica Simpson? First of, her hair looked like mine in the morning before I straighten it. Second, half her outfit was missing. If I walked down the streets of Manhattan like that, my friends would not walk with me. On that note, it’s time for Friends with Tanya and then off to bed. Yay for the Killers and My Chemical Romance performance…yay for Green Day and Kelly Clarkson winning (Billie Joe Armstrong – wanna make out?).

This is like a sleepover! But the sleepover lasts all the time!