"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Microfestivus is this annual beer fest held in Roanoke. They have bands play all day, and Lloyd Dobler Effect was the first band to take the stage, which was most of the reason that we drove all the way down to Roanoke for a Saturday. ?. Nothing like great music, good beer, and wonderful friends to help pass a weekend. It was $5 entry and you could buy beer tickets for $1 each. A beer ticket equaled 4oz of beer, which is a pretty sweet deal. They also gave you a wristband limiting you to sixteen 4 oz cups, though Maryann and I discovered that if you are nice and/or flirt, the beer givers would either give you more for your ticket and/or not cross off one of your cups on your wristband.
I started off with the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and we parked ourselves on the grassy shaded hill to watch LDE rock out. They played for a bit over an hour of their finest material. They seemed hot and a less energetic than usual, but I blame the 100+ heat index. We got up a few times to refill our cups, though I thought we would be able to leave unnoticed, but CB called us out on it later. Afterwards, Phil told me he thought of me while making the setlist – he purposely left off “Land Down Under” since he knew I would be around. My boyfriend came to enjoy the set a few songs in. My boyfriend was wearing a Budweiser tank top with big arm holes so we could see his man boobs. He also wore a fanny pack. As I was lusting after my hot boyfriend, he walked right up to the stage in front of CB, then talked to Amy. I called her and told her to stay away from my man. We almost had a girlfight over him.

The beers I tried, or had a taste of one of Maryann’s, Morita’s, or Epler’s cups, were (in no particular order): Satan’s Pony (amber brew with a malt flavor and low bitterness), Delerium Tremens (Belgian with an ABV of 9%), Raspberry Frambois (a traditional Lambic brewed with raspberries – this is what I drank a whole bottle of last weekend, though the black cherry version), Starr Hill The Love (a hefeweizen with hints of banana and clove), Virginia Hefeweizen (same thing as The Love, but better), Starr Hill Mojo Lager ( 2005 Gold Medal winning lager of the Great American Beer Festival), Imperial Stout, Oxford Raspberry Wheat, Lancaster Milk Stout, Merry Monk’s Ale (APV of 9.3%, that did me in while I was talking to Ross Copperman and couldn’t stand up from my seat at this point), and the Abita Purple Haze.

My favorite of course was the Lambic, followed by Satan’s Pony. Doug Perdue had asked me to get him something fruity and good – so I chose the Lambic, which everyone tasted and got addicted to. Everyone thrusted us tickets and Maryann, Phil, and I went back to the stand to get like, eight full sized cups. We toasted, enjoyed, then peaced out. Morita and Epler wanted to stay, so Maryann and I caught a ride in the back of the LDE truck with Phil. They usually don’t have a truck, but they had to rent one to pull the trailer since their van blew up on Friday. Of course CB peeled wheels, causing as all to fall all over the place for a mile back to our hotel. Maryann got bruised and I almost fell out.

We got back to the room and the room was spinning. We really didn’t drink much, but it was super hot. I had the bright idea to jump on the beds, which then turned into a game of us jumping from bed to bed. Yeah, not a good idea. Then we crashed and said we were dying. When the guys came back we walked to Sheetz and got a wonderful dinner consisting of lots of water, chips, and veggie subs as we watched Batman on tv.