"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, August 04, 2005

friday night rock

Last Friday I was so frazzled and totally needed a drink after work..

It's perfect that The Sixfifteens were playing at Pianos and everyone was going :-). Maryellen met me in the office and we got ready there and I caught her up on the 57th reason on why I was going to kill myself that week.

We got to the bar before Gilligan (of Fake Chapter Records), Steve, and Katie, so we got our Yuenglings and scoped out the lack of specimens at the bar. We love people watching. The crowd came out and we grabbed a table as Steve caught us up on GTT happening and Gilligan tried his best British accent.

As we were conversing I noticed a familiar face enter the bar...Ari Hest! It's been years since we Center Staged him and I have lost contact with him from years ago, but still - it was crazy. Of course no one knew who he was except for Maryellen. I don't think he felt like he fit in, he is a bit vanilla, so he walked to the back, stayed for a bit, then walked back out. I still consider this a random celebrity sighting though.

The Sixfifteens took the stage and we headed to the music room. You can't take Maryellen and I anywhere...three beers in and we were giggling like little girls. We were text messaging back and forth and with Steve, too funny. Morita, we found your doppelganger.

Steve moved to behind and to the side of me as I leaned back against the wall. I turned to tell Steve something and whacked my face against the wall. Slick, Miranda. It really hurt!

After the show we were trying to decide where to go next, when Maryellen got a call from her friends in midtown. So we cabbed it over to 36th to the nicest apartment building I have been to in NYC. We hung out on the 11th floor blacony that overlooked the Empire State Building. It was amazing. We chatted it up with some lady from Connecticut who has kids.

As we were sitting there talking, I was looking at the balcony door, contemplating on whether the sliding door was open or closed. I couldn't tell, it was so clean! So I really had to pee and couldn't wait any longer for someone else to go to the door and to either open it or go through. I get up, move the sliding door, and walk right into it in front of everyone. Yes, I shut the open door, then walked into it. I wasn't even drunk, I just couldn't tell.

And that was pretty much the end of that night.