"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, July 22, 2005

me versus frozen fruit

I never really mastered the art of frozen fruit. I'm not really in the mood for real dinner since I am so frazzled anything solid may make me puke. Since I did want something healthy, I opted for frozen strawberries. I now have a bowl full of strawberry moosh. I defrosted and I heated and they are still moosh. Fat free cool whip masks the globs of red mess. And I don't even like cool whip.

I took the long walk home tonight...meandering riverside contemplating. I don't have time to talk to the people I want to talk to and the people who I need to talk to I can't get a hold of.

Wow, this time last week I was riding down with Aurora to Delaware. Last weekend was seriously one of my favorite weekends since I've been here...that and the previous weekend when CB and Amy came to visit.

Haha, which reminds me. One of our artists wives is at their vacation home. I guess Rich was on Pollstar seeing which artists were playing in that two. He IMs me with, "you shoudl tell ... to go to Wild Wing Cafe tonight". As soon as he typed that I replied, "my LDE boys?" not even thinking the date, but just when I hear of that place, I think of LDE. So yeah, that would be crazy if she checks them out. So of course he peruses their itinerary asking me if I will be in Hartford, Blades, and any other random city on their tour. Of course the real gigs weren't on their so he saw all the random bars. Now he knows where I go on the weekends haha.

I tried to knock myself out with the p-touch today. I think I was on the phone at work with CB earlier this week and he talked about killing himself with some office tool...I told him that I feel like taking my bic to the jugular at least three times a day. Rich sent me an e-mail just after I was about to jump out the eight story window. It was too funny and so true. There's been some drama in the office (not between us) so we'll see what next week brings. I'm apparently the lucky one, though "lucky" wasn't the word I would use to describe the situation. For the most part things got solved and I think a new project just got landed on my shoulders. Rich had left for sushi and I told him everything can be solved with sake. He said this weekend was "all sake, all the time".

On a lighter note of today, I got the latest issue of Pollstar. No one that I didn't know already was on the inside. JM got a picture on the inside cover. The white Jewish rapper was on the cover. Rich asked who that was, so I gave the 30 second shpeil and how he is signed to Epic. Rish said that it can't be, that HE is the only white Jewish rapper around. It's true...he covers "ice ice baby" like no other.

Haha, so speaking of the office...Laura has a border collie and Rich has a pug. I do not have a dog, I have two horses in Newark. Last night at work we were talking about what we were going to do over the weekend. Rich mentioned this pug gathering, so of course I had to ask. He practically pushed me away from my computer to show me pictures of this pug meets. Of course in the group shots he is holding Guapo up in the air, deeming him the "highest pug". Laura asked if there were border collie meets and I mentioned my horses, but they all don't compare to the "highest pug".

Fuck this, I am going to make some samosas and crack open a beer.