"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

screw your band.

So today someone on the phone questioned me. I said that we do not take unsolicited material after this guy went through his little speech about his band. Thinking that was the end, he said something about solicitation...i don't know i really wasn't paying attention. So then I replied saying that we take band submissions through a reputable source, such as a label, lawyer, booking agent, collgeaue, etc etc etc. Then he asked if I have issues with trust. WHAT!?!?!?! Here I am giving this guy 30% of my attention and he comes with this out of left field. So I say that it isn't a matter of trust, and then that just opened a can of worms about how there is lack of trust in this industry.

No buddy, trust me...I know more than anyone who is not in a band on how god damn hard it is in this industry. I've busted my ass, have had countless hours of not sleeping, and have travelled many many many miles while working with the industry. Bands like you are a dime a dozen. Go to any fucking town in America and you'll hear the kids complain about how there is no scene, there are no venues, there are no outlets, there are no fans, but their band is the best band never heard.

I've heard a lot of shit bands. I've had a lot of CDs given to me to check out and they end up as coasters or thrown away so I can use the jewel case. Don't waste my fucking time. Or maybe I am just lucky to have so many awesome and talented musicians around me that make the others look so lackluster.

But yeah...find someone in the industry who beleives in you, your music, and your aspirations. Have a relentless work ethic and find new ways to market your music. Fans first, money second, creativity always. Be tenacious. Find a lawyer, a booking agent, have fun with NACA, hit up colleges and the major cities, stray away from shit bars. Rock on. Oh, and don't be an assface. There's no trust in the industry, just love.