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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lloyd Dobler Effect at the Logan House - July 15

Embrace is on VH1 right now. I really dig them, thanks Morita!

Anyways…Friday. I always look forward to when Lloyd Dobler Effect plays the Logan House. In the past three years I have only missed two LDE LoHo shows: 4/9/04 (PMB at the TLA) and 1/27/04 (Johnathan Rice & Starsailor at the TLA) – though Aurora and I did meet the band at the LoHo after the show. But yeah, I always enjoy the Logan House because it’s a good long night of music and it’s an easy show for my friends, those who don’t even really like shows, to go to. Plus any night hanging with LDE is a fab time. Obviously I enjoy these shows even more now that I am gone since its like a homecoming :-)

Aurora was in Boston visiting Jackman and picked me up en route, though a bit delayed. Her car was towed in the afternoon and they sat in massive traffic on the way to NYC. I didn’t feel like walking back to my apartment with my bag so I sat in front of city hall and read my book (Killing Bono) till it got too dark to read. I then popped over to Barnes and Noble across the street because I was bored and found two more books that I want to get. I am so not used to having all this free time so I made phone calls and actually talked to people. Crazy. I told Chris B. that it’s so strange to actually talk to a real person and not thru email or aim or texting. So this is what people do to communicate when they aren’t pressed for time – what a novel idea!

I finally meet up with Aurora and Jackman and we are off to Delaware! Naturally we all don’t shut up for the entire trip down there and my phone won’t stop ringing, I love it. We all shared some crazy stories and reminisced about some of our greatest hits. Some things will never ever change and I love it. I was talking to CB while looking for the random bottles of booze in my bag when some raspberry shit exploded…also as we passed the cop. While trying to find the empty bottle, I felt something hard press into my leg, so I said how I had a penis sticking my leg, only kidding. When I find the hard thing pressing my leg, it was in fact, a wooden penis ashtray from the Philippines. I just had to write that because it may have been the weirdest phone conversation I have ever been involved in haha.

(I am now talking to Doug on AIM and we’re exchanging our LDE sets of the weekend haha)

On the highway I make Aurora and I bevs…Jackman already downed his whiskey…and I tell Aurora that she can’t have hers yet. I tell her she will get it when we go over the bridge so that she will arrive to the LoHo buzzed. Nevermind the whole drinking while driving thing, I just didn’t want to hand it to her while she was so far away. Some times I don’t think haha.

We get to the Logan House and it’s a freaking reunion. I absolutely adore my friends and I miss you soooo much. I don’t even know what LDE was playng, I just know that when I got upstairs I saw so many familiar faces. Judy, Nate, Michelle, Tim, Matt, Lyn, Morita, Moses, Lee, Fetus, Epler, Jay, Damien, Kristen, Chris G…aughhhh!!! I loved it. I spent one song saying hi and hugging. Then the band took a break. Socialized a bit more, oh how I have missed everyone so much and it was great getting the drive by catch up. We all talk via aim, email, phone, but real life is great.

Phil and Jackman were at the same movie in Camden last weekend. Lee and Jackman know mutuall people. My latest CKY story is Phil’s new favorite story of mine. CB still sweats a lot and knew my hair curls since he spent three days with me. Then the break was over.

They played London, Kangol (YAY!), Birmingham, This Could Be, and um, not really sure what else because I have a big mouth and like talking to people who I haven’t seen. I felt downright awful, especially because about half the crowd were my friends and it was more like social time than anything else.

I can’t even really give you a real show review, I’m sorry. But I can tell you that Michelle bought a house and Lee is moving to Atlanta and Lyn just turned 21.

They played Land Down Under and I was elsewhere. There was no Two Step! Yay – more LDE songs! They ended the night with “The Story”, to which CB of course touched himself during ownership words, and he caught me catching him.

I’m talking to Phil and Johnnie after the show and Johnnie says that he misses me calling him, so I call him there while talking to Chris and Judy. Jay comes up to me and tries to get my attention and I tell him to wait. He then says how its important and takes the phone away from me. I have a problem with leaving venues, so Epler told Jay that if he gets me out of the Loho in less than two minutes, then he’ll give Jay $20. Since no one thought it could be done, I had to prove them all wrong. I wave to the stage, turn to Chris and Judy, grabbed both of them (separately) kiss them good bye, then RUN out of the venue since I know that they are timing me.

We’re in the car and I call people who I left at the venue to say bye for real and explain. Jay then grabs my phone. Which then prompted the game “who on mir’s phone can we call at 1:30 am”. I apologize if you got a drunken Jay phone call. And he so called Howie Day on my phone. Too damn funny, that better have made the away message. This game also went on at Jay & Damian’s house. He called people I haven’t talked to in a bit as well as random STN calls…such as to the studio. He did make one phone call where he sang into the vmail which made me fall on my knees on the stairs since I totally didn’t expect him to bust out into song. I come down from the stairs and he is apparently giving the band directions to Wawa. Oh STN knows our Wawa. I think Chris asked where the next Wawa is after the Newark one and we all answered, “exit 77”. Scary. We all drive too much. Or we love Wawa too much. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Aurora lives around the corner from Jay and I made it to her house around 3:30 AM. I adore Newark. Aw, I love how Lee said he misses my rooftop parties. We woke up and watched TV and started our day with a jaunt to Newark Bagels and Rainbow. Like I said before, some things will never ever change and I love it.