"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, June 23, 2005

pet peeve #439

I was being a stalker freak and just looking at random blogs and I think 87% of the girls had the same damn post. Seriously now, just save us all the verbose regurgitation of your broken hearts.

More than likely, if you are a twenty something female, you have had at least one serious relationship - he fucked you over emotionally and mentally something awful (more than likely he was just fed up with either your whininess, obsessiveness, jealousy, or anxiety) - and then you went through a period where you couldn't trust anyone, had a wall up, wouldn't let anyone in, blah blah - and now - surprise! you are ready to run through a field of daisies again.

WOW! So boring.

Not to say that I live an amazingly exhilerating life, but shit, I'm bored with reading about others. Sorry, I'm just bitter, but I seriously just read the same post multiple times by different people. Get over it, quit obsessing, find something to focus your energy on, and get at it.

On another note. It's hot as hell in my apartment. Ha - too funny, on Tuesday night my phone started blowing up around 3 AM. I had my phone by my bed, so naturally I thought it was a "I'm riding home from a gig please talk to me and keep me up so i don't drive off the road" call, but no, it was Cheryl (who had hung up before I could pick it up), then Lindsay. Both my roommates and both who were in their rooms. Lindsay's door had flung open, then shut, then she heard footsteps. Obviously the three of us were freaking out in our rooms too afraid to go outside. Finally Cheryl grabbed her curling iron and bursted out into the hallway. She found a box of nail polish on the ground of their bathroom, but other than that - nothing out of the ordinary. Too strange. We're blaming it on the wind and the sudden AC bursts. Yup, that was it.