"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, June 16, 2005

we live like boys

So I think one of the reasons that our apartment is so fun is because we are all dirty and gross. Seriously, I am notorious for forgetting that I have things and finding them with mold later. I'm gross. I'm just plain gross. When I was a sophomore I found a tupperware container of green moldy spaghetti that was at least six months old. I think it's the worst thing I have ever smelled. So Cheryl and I cleaned out the fridge tonight. We figured it would be a great idea since every weekend until we move out at least one of us has overnight guests and we don't want to gross them out. We seriously found stuff from February. And why do we keep one piece of fruit in fruit jars? And with the amount of salsa jars we have, you'd think we run a damn Mexican restaraunt. And baby carrots - we should have a garden, and we pretty much do with all the vines growing from them. SO GROSS. Now we are all at the table with our laptops talking about how boys suck. Linds just found out that the guy she was undating has a girlfriend. She found out because they were in the elevator and some girl mentioned his girlfriend. Of course all jaws dropped. Nothing new. Today was an odd day. A hugely hectic day. I apologize to everyone I didn't write back to via AIM or e-mail, I seriously was so swamped. Out of all the days I have wanted to kill myself, this one takes the cake. At least tomorrow night at the LoPresto's will be FANTASTIC. I'll write more later. Love ya! ;-)