"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, June 12, 2005

a love/hate relationship

I have fifteen minutes to kill...so I am going to start a new game all about me because I am so self absorbed. I'm also sarcastic...

I love peanut butter.
I hate caramel.
I love how my shampoo smells like mint.
I hate hot showers.
I love rain on summer nights.
I hate thunder.
I love eyeliner.
I hate lipstick.
I love coffee.
I hate milk.
I love mint tea.
I hate mint ice cream.
I love cheap beer.
I hate good wine.
I love documentaries.
I hate action films.
I love purple and orange.
I hate yellow and brown.
I love compressed air.
I hate ironing.
I love getting splinters out.
I hate bleeding.
I love flip flops.
I hate heels.
I love wearing scarves in the summer.
I hate high necks on shirts.
I love jukeboxes.
I hate tribute bands.
I love pinball.
I hate darts.
I love astericks.
I hate Tuesdays.
I love Verdana.
I hate blue inked pens.
I love mechanical pencils.
I hate day-glo.
I love lite-brite.
I hate when people leave the same away message all the time.
I love ryan adams.
I hate drivers who obey the speed limit, or five miles below.
I love boys with lip rings.
I hate shorts.
I love biting my nails.
I hate smooth jazz.
I love Pier 1 candles because they actually smell.
I hate Christmas lights on houses after January 31.
I love basketball...and especially March Madness.
I hate mu-mus.
I love The Grape.
I hate little yappy dogs.
I love filming & photography.
I hate popped collars.
I love indie rock dance house parties (a la newark style)
I hate men with white knee socks. with or without the stripe.
I love glow in the dark paint.
I hate bridges.
I love watching planes at airports.
I hate flying.
I love orange juce.
I hate tequila.
I love the lapsteel.
I hate people who stop at the top of staircases/elevators.
I love teetering where the sand meets the ocean.
I hate wicker baskets.
I love shoeboxes.
I hate checkers.
I love pinwheels.
I hate red vans.
I love chinese take out.
I hate mayonnaise
I love macaroni & cheese
I hate fringe.
I love reality television.
I hate morning traffic as i am ending my night.
I love polka dots.
I hate my alarm clock.