"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, June 05, 2005

"it's indie rock and roll for me" (and jay z and blisters)

My ADD is in serious overdrive. I just flipped through all 300 television channels three times. Too much too see, but not enough to hold my attention. The clicker stopped on HBO Signatures – Seabiscuit just started. I give it till 1pm until I try to find something else. I have blisters all on the bottoms of my feet so I am held captive on the couch. I also know that I am stubborn and will go for a run when the sun sets and just be in even more pain when I get home. But for now, I am on my laptop getting ready for an afternoon of band work.

Yesterday was Louis XIV and The Killers in Central Park!! I really like the Louis XIV cd and I love The Killers, so needless to say, I was stoked. Judy, Angela, and I met at Whole Foods to grab food for a “picnic” in Central Park, but that “picnic” ended up with us sitting on the sidewalk in line an hour and a half before doors. The crowd around us and passing us was interesting. Matt, I can honestly say that every checkpoint on your list was fulfilled. These people aren’t supposed to like good music!! Oh wait. Fuck, The Killers are trendy now. Grrrr. The best was when a groupd of guido, popped collared, meat heads tried to cut in front of us in line. Judy was ready to throw punches.

We get inside and the Summerstage was much smaller than we anticipated – score! We spread out Angela’s sheet near the front of the stage, but to the left behind this barricade. The barricade was part of the path to go backstage, so we were still super close, but at least we hade something to lean on and didn’t have to worry about anyone huge standing in front of us.

Louis XIV were good, but a little monotonous. Good live show, but the CD is better. The Killers owned the stage. Such an awesome good show. Everything was right on, the sound, the lighting, their dynamics, their energy – everything you should expect from a big show. It was extra awesome that everyone around us knew all the words and were into it jumping up and down and singing. About four songs in, we see a tall black guy. No offense, but um, there were a handful of black guys at the show. Judy, Ang, and I look at each other and are speechless, just making random noises and pointing. It’s Jay Z!! Then he walked right in front of us through the barricade. YES! My first random celebrity!! Bruno and I were just talking about how celebrities probably walk the streets all the time, we just don’t recognize them. Hell, I can spot out Jay Z! No, Beyonce was no where in site. LA Reid was right behind him, Jay Z is super tall and LA is super not tall.

Back the The Killers, yeah they played everything and more. Of course the crowd went wild for Mr. Brightside. The guys next to me played air synth. Before the encore…Jay Z and LA came back out! Sorry, I had to be that girl who took a picture. There was also this guy next to us, older guy, who was plastered but having an awesome time and loved the band. I know he’s someone, but can’t pinpoint who. I’m thinking he is someone I have seen or met from Island. It’s my project to find out who he is. My favorite song on the album, “All The Things That I’ve Done” was played as the encore. It was fantastic.

The show ended at 9:30 so we walked through Central Park and the girls took me on a mini tour of the Upper West Side. We stopped for coffee and ice cream at Lalo’s, the café that was in “You’ve Got Mail” (where Tom Hanks has the rose). We talked about where we’d live in NYC if money wasn’t an option and how all of our adventures this summer are pretty close to the city.

Stupid flip flops. Seriously, my feet are all torn up with rubs and blisters. Walking home was awesome. I got home around 12:30 and stayed up with Lindsay and Casey for a bit until crashing.