"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

a great aim convo to bring in june

jaypass0313: man i hateee going to bed early
jaypass0313: i feel like there's so much i could be doing right now
jaypass0313: but noooo, i have to sleep
jaypass0313: i'm not working normal hours when i grow up
jaypass0313: i've decided
jaypass0313: no 9 to 5 for me
galileo358: i know totally
galileo358: i will never work normal hours or wear dress shoes to work
galileo358: blech!
jaypass0313: hahaha i know
jaypass0313: i hope to get a job with a live production truck, and just travel around doing games...that would be awesome
jaypass0313: i wonder if it would be enough to sustain my living though
galileo358: haha i know, i just wanna go to shows all the damn time all over the east coats, but i dont think i can lve off of that :-jaypass0313: yeah
jaypass0313: stupid hobbies not being viable careers
jaypass0313: ohhh so miami girl starts tomorrow
jaypass0313: i'm soooooo excited
galileo358: ohhhh!
galileo358: hehehe
galileo358: i hope she isnt a fat cow
jaypass0313: hahahahahahahahah
jaypass0313: it'll be interesting
galileo358: do you know how you are going to introduce yourself?
galileo358: or what you're gonna wear?
galileo358: first impressions are key
jaypass0313: yeah, i know....i need a haircut, but i havent had time :-jaypass0313: hahaha
jaypass0313: i dont know though, i dont know if i'd want to dip my pen in the company ink
jaypass0313: i mean, that could be pretty difficult
jaypass0313: not the action of dipping the pen, the consequences
jaypass0313: hahahahahah
galileo358: AHHAHHA
galileo358: hahhahhahahaha
galileo358: so great
galileo358: yeah but you know, sports and tv is 95% of your life, where else are you gonna meet someone? ;-)
jaypass0313: I KNOW
jaypass0313: i have like, a 0% chance of ass outside of my industry
jaypass0313: its like a weather forecast
galileo358: now that is blogworthy
jaypass0313: 0% chance of ass at the bar tonight for jaypass, he's really struggling out there
jaypass0313: ohh, look at these clouds coming