"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, June 12, 2005

on any other day you could push it all away

Chip came up from Delaware Saturday night for the Granian show. We thought we had a group with us from DE, NYC, NJ, and CT, but we ended up flying solo to the show. After Chip got a full tour of Hoboken while trying to find a spot, we immediately downed a pitcher of Pina Colada mix before trekking into the city. While downing our frosty concoction we spoke of music (duh), harems, and chocolate chip pancakes. ha.

I think Chip is bad luck when it comes to subways, but there was no WTC train so we just chanced it and hopped on the train to Manhatten. I gave him a choice on whether to take the Journal Square train and transfer to a WTC train or take the Manhatten train to Christopher Street and "just find our way." Apparently our motto is, "always an adventure" so we picked the less familiar of the two.

We emerge onto Christopher and amidst a sea of saucy gay men. I love it. While on the phone with Maryellen, we passed an Asian man dressed as a woman. We got to see a lot of the city during our trek. And of course I tripped. Chip said that he was JUST thinking to himself that I hadn't tripped yet. I think he mentally jinxed me. We then saw two more men dressed up as women. One of them had on a pink ruffly skirt and was like, 60. Ew.

We walk in at the beginning of Granian's set and it was rock bliss for the next hour. I scored a free Travis Rocco band CD and was able to get Chip drinks. How I love Tribeca. Garen busted out more old tunes than I expected, but the trip back to the old school made me content. We recognized a lot of faces - what a fun little rock family. The average height of the crowd was about 5'7'' and of course i get that guy who is 5'11'' right in front of me. It would have been a big deal because I kept repositioning himself, but the guy seriously moved five times a song, which really impeded on my dancing. I couldn't hold a beat while trying to also see the stage. Ha.

After the show, Garen approached Chip and said that he looked really familiar. Which was quite humorous because Garen said that the first time Chip saw him play and they obviously don't know each other. Afterwards we played on the steps of some building and took random pictures. Onlookers yelled at me for climbing on things I shouldn't climb on. At least this buiding didn't have cameras on it to catch my antics. On the walk to the PATH we bypassed the Pakistani restaraunts and decided to eat Hoboken pizza instead.

As soon as I said there there are always rumbles on this block, a fight broke out. Silly boys at bars! Then there was pushing and shoving and an, "I'm going to kill you!" So we walked through it, then turned around with two other girls on the sidewalk and totally watched. The two girls said it was because one guy touched another guy at the bar. Yeah, because people don't accidently touch each other at hot sweaty bars. Seriously, if that was the rule, Tribeca would have been rolling with punches!

So we tiredly ate pizza, though it was no Newark pizza (seriously I have yet to find something finer than Peace of Pizza here in Hoboken). Then came home and crashed. Yay for rock.