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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bi coastal embarassment

If you are you a loyal reader, you will know about my California Boyfriend. If you're not a loyal reader, my California Boyfriend (who also has a California gf) is this guy that I talk to a lot on the phone at work and during one crazy week we both said that we talked to each other more than anyone else. Just by judging through the phone and e-mail, he has a really sweet disposition and sounds like a genuinely nice guy while also being witty. Laura and I have conteplated on what he looks like - I think he has a small frame and is about 5'8'' with blondish brownish messy short hair. He also has freckles in my imagination. Needless to say this has become an ongoing joke. I always scour the mags to see if I can find any names I recognize and it's such a happy day when Pollstar comes in.

Rich is going to LA on Thursday and I told him that he should bring a digital camera to document all of the people he meets with that I only know by name. He said that he could arrange that...

Ok, now that I have caught you up, fast forward to this evening. My computer was being a jerkface most of the afternoon (sorry about the no responses to e-mails and IMs) so as soon as I get back onto AIM, I hear Rich talking to one of the agents that we work with...all of a sudden I hear my CA bfs name brought up. This can't be good. This agency is one of the largest in the country and works with very high profile artists and I can imagine to be very large. So there Rich goes telling the woman (everyone remains nameless!) how I talk of my CA bf. I quickly IM him with "HEY!" just in case he thought he was being slick. My face is beet red, and Rich announces this to the agency since he can see me from the mirror. I tell Laura that this office has no dignity and put my head on my desk thinking that this can't end good. Rich then hangs up and tells me that they (the people at the agency) are going to get me a picture and send it over. Could I be any more humiliated?

Oh yes. So the e-mail comes and I am peering over Rich's shoulder. It looks like the e-mail passed through a few different gates to get to Rich. Before we opened it, the body of the email asked for a picture of me. So we couldn't see his face because he had on sunglasses, a hat, and the shading was dark. But he was shirtless and a lot more buff than we anticipated. The shirtlessness was the first thing we noticed. Rich whooped and immediately called the agency and asked for the agent's office in question (my CA bf is an assistant to an agent). "So are you taking steroids now??!!!?"

And that was when I left the room and tell Jen. To which she repled: "why is this your life?!" My sentiments exactly. Too funny.