"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

making out is both fun and scandalicious

and this is what jen and i do while we're both at work and talking about people we know.

[12:32] mirgoes2eleven: so. since high school, i have made out with, in order (and with some overlapping): ***, ***, ****, *****, *****
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: how is it that i think i have talked to all of those guys at lengths in the past week
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: i hate my life.
[12:33] Jenabee88: it makes me laugh that *** is in there
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: (oh god i put in the cd and i am laughing)
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: so gay.
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: oh yeah and lets go down the list on who is gay
[12:33] Jenabee88: HA
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: oh and speaking of which, *****, i forgot about him
[12:34] Jenabee88: wait ***** who?
[12:34] Jenabee88: YES
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: he goes in between *** and ****
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: HA
[12:34] Jenabee88: dont forget about regressive candyland!!!
[12:34] Jenabee88: hahahahaha that was too awful
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: oh no, not hot *****, ***** ********, then one i'll see this weekend
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: hahahaha
[12:34] Jenabee88: he was like nah, lets not make out anymore, because i have to turn gay[12:34] Jenabee88: OH new years *****
[12:35] Jenabee88: remember on new years we were on the phone and you were driving home and i was at work and neither of us slept like at all and we were like why why is this our lives.
[12:35] Jenabee88: its good to see that absolutely nothing has changed
[12:35] mirgoes2eleven: haha i know i totally love it - and it all went very much not like how we anticipated
[12:36] mirgoes2eleven: i ended up making out in the clear elevator in front of everyone and well, you provided *** with a scandal
[12:36] mirgoes2eleven: hehe
[12:36] Jenabee88: ha!
[12:36] Jenabee88: clear elevator!
[12:36] Jenabee88: we're awesome at sucking at life
[12:39] mirgoes2eleven: seriously, again, we'll be 30 and doing this shit
[12:39] mirgoes2eleven: instead of making tv, we should be on tv
[12:39] Jenabee88: seriously