"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, June 23, 2005

june was meant for craziness

Again, I must write a public apology to those I haven't had time to speak with. Seriously...I have been in absolute overdrive. My anxiety levels have reached new highs, my mind races, I don't have time to eat, let alone sleep.

And I love how Randy calls from the road and asks if I am ready for this wild ride that we are about to embark on. We have office of four people and an intern and we just signed two artists, two artists are in the studios, one we are developing and are about to showcase, another one is embarking on his national tour tomorrow, another one has a CD dropping this week and a tour shaping up. Ready for this wild ride? I was born with the wind blowing in my face.

And that's just my "work" life, there are also those artists that aren't related to my day job...tours, labels, press, photos, cd releases, marketing, promotion, traveling...my heart is racing :-). And I won't even touch upon my personal dramas!

I am so looking forward to the weekend. John Faye and IKE will be up mastering their new disc at Sterling with Greg Calbi (um, hello - awesome!), so I am dodging out of the office early and meeting up with them and perhaps a jaunt over to the Omnisoul studio afterwards and catch up with them. Saturday Judy, Ang, Anna, and I are meeting up with Morgan and Steve in Hartford and catching Lloyd Dobler Effect. After my stressful two weeks I am going to drink the $1 pitchers of beer until I can't feel my face. Then Sunday we have Gran Bel Fisher at the Merc back in NYC. Absolutely stoked. Monday is another GBF show, this time at the Living Room with Grammy Award winner Jesse Harris. Hopefully by then, Dan will have called me to say that his job interview went well. Life's moving too fast and I have nothing to hold on to!