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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Live 8

Live 8 was a major disappointment.

I’ll start you off with Tanya’s blog of Thursday and Friday of last week :-) (yank!):
The past few days have been great. Thursday I went up to NYC/Hoboken to hang out with Miranda. Greyhound got me there for only $12, which is so sweet. While I was waiting for the bus, I caught up with Christie on the phone.

Thursday night, Miranda and I hung out in Hoboken. We met up with Maryellen so she could get some dinner and borrow flip flops for her bleeding feet. (Girl shoes really are ridiculous- why aren't they ever comfortable AND cute?) We also went to Ben & Jerry's and saw some guy eating an entire Vermonster. I had to walk past him quickly because if he puked, I didn't want to see or hear it. I apparently took Philly with me, because once while we were out walking there was almost a gang fight, and later on, a group of guys were trying to get our attention to talk to us: "Hey, ladies! Yo! Up in front!" Needless to say we kept walking without responding.
Friday I slept in and took the PATH to NYC. I went around a lot of stores on 5th and 6th Ave.. I almost died in CVS. I was walking down an aisle, and right after I walked past a stack of Pepsi cases that was taller than me, the whole pile crashed down exactly where I had just been. Eventually, I met up with Miranda at her office (right by the Empire State Bldg.), and she was able to leave a bit early. We went to Teany (Moby's restaurant) for dinner. Its all vegetarian and they have lots of tea, so since Miranda and I are both vegetarian tea-lovers, it was great. Then we went and did some shopping on Broadway. I got an awesome plaid skirt in H&M for only $3.15 (with tax.) Last time I was in NYC, I got my plaid pants for really cheap at H&M. I see a pattern forming...
We both admitted that we are dorks because we always think of Felicity when we see a Dean & Deluca.
It started to rain, and we were spent, so we went back to Hoboken and watched 13 Going on 30 and Spanglish. We swapped music! I got Coldplay X&Y, Ben Folds' Rockin' the Suburbs, Murder by Death, and Johnathan Rice. Miranda got the Garden State Soundtrack, The Get Up Kids, and The New Amsterdams. We did not have any tickle fights in our underwear. Judy came over later, and we all crashed.
Saturday we went to Chris Morita's Live8 party. Maryellen drove, and Judy, Miranda, and I were there too. We got there at 1, and the party started at 12, but Chris wasn't there. So, we called him, found out he had made a run, and decided to wait for him to get back before approaching the house, since we didn't know anyone else there at the time. To pass the time, we took a picture of the 4 of us with all of the booze. We had stopped at an incredible liquor store on the way. They seriously had EVERYTHING, and it was supermarket-sized. We all got girly drinks, because we are girls.
The party was fun. Chris kept hassling me to play beer pong, so I finally did, because he said I could play it with my wine coolers. (Usually beer is just fine, but not on top of 2 wine coolers in my belly.) Miranda and I were teammates, and we lost terribly.
And my version: :-)

Tanya, Judy, Maryellen and I drove down to Cindy’s for her and Morita’s Live 8 party. Coffee and bagels in hand, it was crucial that our breakfast be accompanied by old school Green to Think. Maryellen and I sang our favorite parts loud and it was fun. We got stuck in traffic and danced for the onlookers. Because we are all girls and full of coffee, we had to stop at the first rest stop that we passed. As we were looking at the map seeing how far places are from us, Tanya spotted Josh from Omnisoul. How funny, I called him over and we chatted for a bit, then headed our respective ways towards a TV showing Live 8.

The food and drinks were plentiful at Cindy’s…which was a good and bad thing. We all congregated in the basement around the 13 inch tv and on fold out chairs as opposed to the massive tv in front of the large couch because…well, I don’t know why…maybe because of the beer pong table downstairs. Oh yeah, that was it. We tried watching Live 8 but it was continuously interrupted by the stupid MTV VJs. There was not one damn performance aired in its entirety…and each band only got 20 minutes! To make it interesting, I said that everytime that we see Bono we should drink. We also saw the Vonage commercial (wooo wooo woo woo woooo) and the snapping commercial during every commercial break.

Bored by Live 8, we busted out the beer pong. Morita and I versus Cindy and Moses…we held our own, but totally lost. At this point, I couldn’t feel my face and it was 2 pm. Obviously I do and say stupid things when I can’t feel my face, so I told everyone how Snoop could be my boyfriend if he wanted to be. We may have followed that up with going outside and I know I went on a rant about something but I totally can’t remember what. I wasn’t obliterated, just giddy. I remember us all yelling at the TV multiple times. Tanya and I played beer pong and totally lost again…I think we needed our happy dance from the night we played at Derek’s old apartment. Morita lost his shoes.

Morita also passed out on the floor and when he woke up I said that he should try to ride the fire truck. A kiddie fire truck. He got in and I pushed and no one got hurt. I got in, he pushed me around, and I fly out and fall on my ass. I also tried the green inch worm, but there was no riding that thing. Next up, the spring horse. It was tempting us all afternoon, but after the 63rd time hearing the vonage commercial, it was time to ride that pony! Oh I got on and yippie tie yie yayed (as did Judy). Fourteen years of formal riding leads to my drunk ass bouncing on a spring horse.

Judy and I owned at beer pong annihilating all of our opponents. It was all about the love tap. We dubbed ourselves “Queens of the Beer Pong”. Original, I know. Tanya and Maryellen had left by then, leaving the wine coolers that none of us drink, so we used them. Uggghhhh…I swear I just had no more room for booze! The neon orange sugary cocktails just weren’t sitting well with us, nor for our losing opponents at the end of the game.

We played pool afterwards and I got super lucky despite my left hand playing, though I was responsible for every game we lost. I talked with Dave and Janene while the foosball game was going on because I know I absolutely suck at that. Afterwards, two decks of cards were busted out and Asshole began. Apparently I am the slowest shuffler known to the game, thus I was forced to drink a lot. And I also lost a lot, I had strategy and bad luck. Morita is going to hate me. He got up and disappeared. Since I was the Asshole, I had to go and check on him…getting sick in the bathroom (blame the wine coolers mixed with his good beer) and we decided the find our beds for the evening.

Judy and I took two of the couches in one of the living rooms as Chris slept on the floor on the air mattress in between us. We were talking about the next day (we were going to see Honestly at Asbury Park) and our plans. To fill you in… Morita is really into Honestly and its great, we all are and we give him props to bringing them in our lives, but its funny because he’ll go disappear in their green rooms and get us guestlisted, so we taunt him saying that he does naughty things with them and say he has a boy crush on the band, though it’s all in good clean fun. So the three of us are talking about the band and Chris busts out with, “man, I HAVE to get Justin’s number”. There was a slight pause, then Judy and I ROARED with laughter. He so didn’t mean it in a scandalous way, but of course that is how we took it. And on that note, we went to bed.