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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the great apartment hunt of 2005

Well...clear your calendars because starting Sept 2005, there will be many social events to be had at the new apartment.

Tanya, Dan, and I will be moving in together - remember how crazy DE was...NYC is just the next level. :-)

I love it though...how funny...two years ago (though Dan claims we all have know each other a lot longer than that since we all spend so much time together) we were all within 20 miles of Wilmington, DE...now we have moved most of our DE Marlon Spike crew to NYC...Chris and Carolina are in Hoboken; Tanya, Dan, and myself will be in Brooklyn; Nick and Jesse are in Manhattan; and Todd recently moved to the big apple as well. Now we just have to get Oliver, Elise, and McDermott up here. :-)

Tanya is coming up on Sunday and we are going to hang out on Bedford Ave and check out the thrift stores and see a few apartments. I seriously can't imagine how great this is going to be...band practice at our place all the time. Tanya and I will make the brownies as the boys rock out.