"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, August 04, 2005

last week's wanderings in the city

Last Tuesday JJ took me out to one of the coolest restaraunts that I have been to in NYC. We met at Franchia on Park Ave around 9 pm and stayed a while catching up, planning our attack, and dining on vegetarian fare. I did have issues with the heavy metal chop sticks, but thats ok because I can laugh at myself. I told him of all of my work woes and he told me about London.

While at dinner I was thinking of how crazy this all is...I'm so extremely happy to be so immersed in what I love doing. Its great how large the music industry is, but we all all connected somehow. JJ is good people. It also boggles my mind that a lot of us are still new at this and we have such a long road ahead of us...can you imagine where we will be in five, ten years?

After we ate we walked to Town Hall and promoted the Arlene's show to the people (98% girls) coming out of the Howie Day and Michael Tolcher show. There were other people there handing stuff out and they thought I was an intern. Will I ever look my age?! It was easy for JJ, he's a guy and he can talk to the girls coming out. I just look creepy, trying to talk to the girls. Plus they were all taller and bigger than me, so I didn't seem very important or noticable haha. Oh well, I did give out all of the LDE samplers I had as well as all of the samplers I stole from JJ and the flyers.

JJ walked me back to the PATH where we decided that we ruled and he showed me where people used to do a lot of heroin. A productive night in the city I must say...

So yeah...

Arlene's Grocery on August 10th!

The rock starts at 10pm!

Please come and bring friends!