"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, August 04, 2005

saturday apartment hunting and cavorting around the city

On Saturday I went apartment hunting with my mom...we found an awesome apartment and Tanya, Dan, and I move in the last week of August. I dropped off the security deposit today, I can't even tell you how excited I am, so I will save it for another blog...

I came home and shortly after Ken cam rocking his spirograph shirt and Chris wasn't too far behind. Chris and I exchanged music and boozed. He had Beamish and I started the...um...I don't even know what it was, it was a liter (i think...?) or black cherry belgian beer.

I told Ken some interesting news which caused us all to chuckle and Ken to call up people. I put the remainder of the cherry beer in my water bottle, not without the guys making fun of me, and we walked to Ken's car and off to the city. Some ass face side swiped Ken's car!!! At least he left a number.

We make it into the city while talking about rock stars and relationships.

Honestly was playing the main room at the Knit. We only missed one song and we were amidst quite a young audience. They played an AWESOME set. More on Honestly later...their recent news is deserving of their own post.

We hung out in the bar room for a bit then met up with Chris's friend Meghan from college. No idea where we were going in the city, we drove and wandered around Greenwich Village before settling on the White Horse Tavern where we enjoyed good conversation and laughs. Mostly we made fun of other people and relationships...such as certain Jersey cops. We also passed a black man in a skirt and princess tiara on. He waved at Chris.

Meghan told us of this tranvestite bar across the street from her boyfriend's apartment...which is also right right to the fatty bar. It was too good to be true and we didnt beleive it until we saw it with our very own eyes. There was a man with a half leather skirt, blonde wig, and a whip. We couldn't help but stare...until the two women who must half weighed half a ton together strolled on pass and entered Goddesses BBW. Ken told us that BBW means Big Beautiful Women. We seriously sat on the corner and watched for a good 15 minutes till the passerby caught on to our game.

Then we got the hell out of dodge and back to the 'boken.

Oh yeah, and I lost. Ken and Chris won. I kissed a girl on New Years two years ago so now that has to be my myspace page. Hardy har har.