"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Oh what a fun filled day yesterday....AND IT WAS A 21 DAY!!! Yes, I still do that....
So at noon I hit the road. In the Cabrio for the trip to VA: The Clarks, Jonasay, Radiohead, Brand New, Wilco, Andy Stochansky.....yes a wide mix.
I love rest stops, they are the highlight of my trip. Free maps free maps free maps.
Hello Virginia. I love Virginia. Arlington was nice, found the club ok and free parking on the weekend. What more could I ask for. Met up with some peopel at the Juliana Hatfield show. Oh she is so beautiful and talented. She played solo and I was a mere five feet away. Oh yes. She pulled out some old favorites and unreleased songs. It was magical. :-)
So then I had a few hours to kill before heading to Centreville for the Jonasay show....
So I found a coffeehouse and read for 2 hours before I discovered a music store. So I hung out there before heading onto I66 once again....
Hi Centerville. Hi lots of deer and horses. Hi wrong way down the highway.
But alas I found the Shark Club :::insert Jaws theme song here::: And Jonasay but on yet another rocking show, despite intial sound difficulties. I hope the pictures came out ok. The highlight of the show was when Justin told some drunk lady "How about this, at night i will come into your place and interrupt you while you are performing". Haha. No, i take it back, the highlight of the show was Mark's setlist on drywall. :-)
And checkout the Excentrics...Technicolor....whatever they are now, if i wasn't so damn tired i could have enjoyed them more, but they really rocked. Thank god for comfy couches.
120 miles later (one hour, forty minutes) i was home.