"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, October 20, 2002

I just slept about 20 hours in the past tow days. Being sick sucks. I will share with you the troubles of having a cold.....
Sleeping....yeah the whole process makes you even wonder if it is worth attempting to sleep. First off, you can't breath through your nose, and if you can breath through you're nose it burns and there is whisteling, which won't allow you to sleep anyways. But still, you can't breath through your nose, so you must sleep with your mouth open. My throat has been killing me, so breathing through my mouth just worsens the issue. On the same topic, the nose. It doesn't run symmetrically, no one nostril always has the be the winner. It's always one side that runs and the other doesn't. So that determines which side you sleep on so that you don't have to grab the tissues as much. And if you are compulsive and obsessive like I am, the side you fall asleep on is a big deal. We're not even going to start on the muscle achiness.
But my mom is the coolest because she brought over green and oolong tea. Yay. With the power of the leaves, I will be back in action tomorrow, but for now, it's back to bed.