"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, November 04, 2002

So on Friday Jonasay came down for my radio show. It was great, thank you to everyone involved.
So after my nervous breakdown and three cups of coffee, everything went well.
Rob had tagging Satellites come in for a session in production room 1, and he was going to leave everything up for me to use. Oh would have been great if the band he brought in wasn't 2 hours LATE! So I figured if they are out by 3 i should be good. No. Let's begin at 2:30. This is in no way aimed at Rob, its just a funny situation on nothing goes the way i plan ;-). So I am trying to figure out when the hell am I supposed to do. Then Dave says "oh yeah just have them play in the studio". Oh yeah sure. Nothing like fitting anything that should make music into the cubicle I call an air studio. But it worked and it rocked.
I received so much positive feed back, especially from random people that I do not know, that it made my day. Everyone enjoyed the work of my crew and how the studio session was hard to differentiate from the cd. yeah that crew was me. only me. haha
So after we go to East End. Like Disney World, it's the greatest place on earth. Then to Chestertown. My mom called and left a message on my phone...
"rock stars have kidnapped my daughter"
name that movie.
speaking of that movie....ryan made me laugh. so the mom that was in almost famous was in beyond rangoon, which we were watching the other day. So in the middle of class the mom comes on screen and ryan yells "don't do drugs!!" (a quote from almost famous). yeah, only him and i laugh. i swear i think my professor thinks i am a 5 year old dumbass.