"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

It's now 2:41 am and I have barely slept in the past few days. I think I have insomnia.
You know you have spent too much time around cameras when your initial thought to most events is "damn, I wish I had a camera". How many times do I say that a week!?!? And one of the most important rules is to say that in front of the STN crowd and not your "normal friends" and yes girls, I definitely did do the finger quotes. I went to the Scrounge with Jen, Whit, and Brit (and yes I did it in that order so it would be kitchsy that it rhymed) and was so disoriented. It throws me off kilter when something you were once familiar with alters so you are thrown off balance. I seriously had to pause to reflect on how I must think about my actions instead of acting on instict in the Scrounge. I just got so overwhelmed that I joined Whitney for quesadillas. With the grande mexi-meal, you get beans and rice. Once Whitney saw the beans being plopped onto the plate she promptly changed her order to the "un-grande". I updated Brit that Whitney was not getting the grande and I used the finger quotes and Whiteny informed me that no finger quotes were needed, that she definitely did not want the grande-ness included with her mexi-meal. The grossest part of dinner was when my orange juice bottle stood "completely" "upright" when I "stuck" it "upside-down" in the "beany mess". I wish I had a camera.