"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, December 11, 2003

scary stalker boy

Ok, so there is this guy in Newark that has acquired a penchant for me and now I need an escort up to my apartment every night I work.

Last Monday this guy came into the store and followed me around and just said some random not cool things to me. He came in a few times and just wouldn't leave me alone. Raf and he started yelling at each other and Raf kicked him out etc etc. Then the guy proceed to just stare at me from the window. So Jim let me go early and walked me upstairs.

On Saturday he came in again, but didn't stay. Then last night Melissa came in to visit and the guy was yelling at me through the window. I grabbed Chris and showed him the guy...just in case.

He follows me throughout the store and is just really creepy. He says he wants to know everything about me, and then will run out. He'll stare at me and not move at all for minutes. He reaches over the counter and wants to know my name. Why in hell does he chose me?

One distinctive feature he has are these piercing blue eyes. So blue that they are almost clear. Dark short hair. About 5'10''. Black jacket and either carrying a book bag, or a guitar, or both.

I don't feel threatened, I just feel that he is being invasive. But again, why me...?