"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, March 15, 2004

unexpected surprises

In addition to this week being a whirlwind of anticipated activity, I was also surprised by a phone call.

STN changed my life. If it wasnt for that station and Center Stage, I would definitely not be where I am today in regards to a lot of aspects, specifically school, work, and friendships not to mention the craziest memories one could imagine. STN also made me a stronger person and whoever is reading this from STN is sure to agree. I learned that not everything works the way it should and that gaff tape solves everything. I couldn't stay awake to read for class but I could edit throughout the night on any given day. On the eve of my most important test of the class I was in danger of failing that could push me up to a B, going to North Carolina to film surely outweighed anything I would learn in Philosophy. If it was rainy outside I would debate not going to class, whereas for practically two years it rained or snowed during every single Center Stage show but we sloshed it out in style.

Without STN, there would have been no Dewey or Harrisburg. I wouldn't have met half the bands I know now. I wouldn't have gotten mono. I probably wouldn't drink as much. My stress level would be way different. I would not be addicted to coffee. Haha I guess STN impatcs your health dramatically!!

Funny, I was talking to Ed on Wednesday and he reminded me of this past summer. I seriously didn't do anything this summer but edit and work. I don't think I travelled anywhere farther south than the beach or anywhere more north than Philly, except for a week in Vegas. I spent my days at the record store and at night in the White House. It was a sick sick sick ritual that made me almost lose my mind. And more nights than not, Ed, Epler, and/or Jay were there also editing or hanging out as we made numerous Wawa trips and exhausted the Discreets. Wow.

So anyways, back to now. To sum it up, I am the new Continuity Director of STN. It's so funny because while talking to Aurora and Jen, I was reminded all of the times in years past that we joked around saying that when I graduate, I am just going to take Carlos's place. So to become a UD staff member for the station is just fitting. Except that i am under Carlos. It's part time so I am still able to work at the record store, just not as much as my usual 45+ hours a week, haha. Which is a great thing, but pretty much means that my schedule is going to kick my ass this week since the Rainbow schedule is already set. Pretty much my work week entails working with the horses at 6 am, being at the TV studio at 8 am, then Rainbow at noon until we close. But it's ok since I checked my bank account this morning and I have -5.84 in my checking account.

I talk a lot about things coming full circle, how everything is all interrealted and though we may not realize it now, it always comes around. I am replacing Chris, who is one of the coolest women I know. She's like an older me, which is hilarious. She's the one that I would always house sit for. She knows all of my crazy roadtrip stories and I have always asked her advice when it comes to guys or school. She even wrote my recommendation to NYU and proofed my personal statement. She partied hard, hit the road for shows when she was younger, loves to travel, and chased a boy and her dreams and won. And Jen and I always joke around and say that we're sisters and I'm her protege because everything I have done, she winds up doing by chance. Which is wonderful because I love Jen to death and I am so glad she is having fun and doing everything she does well. We're too alike and its scary. It's crazy how everything works out.

Let the games begin :-)