"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Beer and veggie burgers lead to chaos

So naturally I do have a lot of events to catch up on, but this one is short and sweet while my dinner cooks on the stove.

Last week, I met Tim and Andre at the Deer Park for an evening beer, or a few, and half priced (veggie) burgers. It was good just to kick back and relax and talk about the good old times when the bar was dirty and the people were cool. Funny, Tim would tell a story of the Deer Park from eyars ago, and forget I was there. "This one time..." "Yeah, I was there too". Sigh - we are such townies.

Somewhere during their third pitcher and my second glass, me switching shirts with Andre suddenly became a good idea. I was wearing red pants and a black shirt, while he was wearing jeans and a red shirt. He also has a few extra pounds on me. For the next half hour, we deliberated on how we could attain such a fantastic feat such as chaning clothing in the middle of the bar. Elevator, men's bathroom...? Some douche of a waiter caught on to our idea, unnecessary obstacle. We took the plunge and escaped into a nearby dining area and did the switcharoo. I looked like a tomato. We then heard Tim distract the waiter as we held our breath.

We calmly took our seats as many faces dropped as they saw not my completely red outfit, but Andre's physique in my tight black v-neck shirt. It was classic and totally worth it. Our waitress threatened to flag us and/or kick us out. I then ran into some people I knew and the only thing I could mutter in between laughter was that I normally don't dress like this.

Good times good times :-)