"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, May 28, 2004

SlutFest 24000

Aw yeah! The time of year where everyone in Newark crowds the streets and gets silly drunk!! And we were no exception...

We decided to whore it out and start our barcrawl at the Deer Park. I had to safety my shirt to my bra my outfit was that scandalous. And if you know me, you know that I am quite content in a t-shirt and cords. As Jen, Laurie, and I trekked down Main Street Jen deemed us the "Boobie Brigade". Oh sweet Jesus. At least it was the boobie brigade instead of the ruffled skirt brigade that was found all around campus. It was like a militia!

The three of us take our place at the bar and swipe some souveniers and chat about the upcoming months before we were joined by Tanya, Megan, Brittany, Hillary, and Melissa. I love those bitches ;-). I think that phrase was uttered a million times last night. A few beverages were consumed at the Deer Park before departing to Grottos. Apparently it was Ladies Night and they had $2 Long Islands. We bypassed that and went right for the shot because we are tough like that. Somewhere around then is when we kept saying "two four k" instead of "two k four" hence the 24000ness of the title. We're like gold, baby.

After Grottos we proceeded to Kates where we got laid. Ok, maybe not, but the sausage fest sure made it seem so. I think it was 90's night or something, but the music was pretty damn bad and while getting drinks guys had a problem of getting way too close. So we run far far away so our girl posse was safe. Chris joined us here and hopefully we weren't too obnoxious, but it's all fun.

It was almost last call so the smirnoffs and martini's (damn we love our vodka) were swigged and it was time to swagger across the street. The bar was desolate and we ordered a round of buttery nipples because for most of us, it was the shot of shoice for when we turned of age in Newark. That and because it's tasty. We talked and the New Hampshire girls loved and it was funtabulous. Megan only had $3 left and she asked the bartender to just give her $3 worth, it was hilarious.

We spoke of the axis of fun and how its not goodbye, it's "i'll see you later". We ended the evening in front of DP Dough as the balloon let out and it was like a reunion. We had Ben take a picture of us actually crawling on the ground, hence, a bar crawl. The we got hit on by thugs and hugged.