"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, March 19, 2004

Stone Balloon Triple Threat

We get to the Balloon and they have us roped off like cattle. So we got some beer and talked. Tanya, Maryellen, and I had bathroom talks. Those are different than in public talks. I have to get to NY.

We get inside and say hi to people, and shortly after, Marlon Spike takes the stage - with a glowing leprochaun instead of Todd. They played Jade first and I was content. Tanya tried to get me to dance in the front with her, but I wasn't tipsy enough. ;-). Instead I jumped from cluster to cluster because I was so giddy and couldn't stay in one place. Todd rocked Tanya's bunny glasses and I stole McDermott's hat. I thought the performance was really good and I hate to say it, but I like the non-sax lineup of Marlon Spike. Has a little bit more edge to it. Dan did his bass spin and didn't hit anything or mess it. He was wireless and tore up the stage.

Jen and I ran into the bathroom and something was exciting, though right now I don't remember what it is. But we squealed and planned out more premium malt beverages. I noticed a sign in the bathroom saying how guys weren't allowed to wear white shirts. Steve was, so I tried to steal it but that duct tape was not coming off. The burly bear sticker is still plastered to the tampon machine.

It is absolutely crucial that Jen and I are in front and dancing to IKE. Reminds us of a certain day in Septemeber when we danced in the rain in Baltimore. :-) John and I had the same outfit on, and I told him of the necessity that was Welcome Home. And they started off the show with it, nice. So we danced and sang like silly girls and it was fun. Of course some of the time was spent running around the venue talking to people. Michael tried to teach me how to dance. I embrace my white girl groove. I know I can't dance haha. Chris and Dan joined us in the front for Devil's Diary and Deathbed and it was great.

Steve, Morita, and Maryellen came down the steps to hang out with us in the front for Omnisoul. Omnisoul is such a great band, more on them later, I am pressed for time. They had sound issues in the beginning. But by the third song I think it sounded ok. They played a lot of new stuff and blew everyone away with Paranoid Android. That song cannot leave the set ever. I kept nudging everyone around me, saying how great the song of the moment was. Jen was smiles. Chris came up to me before The Greater You and I told him how the song will be their last song. This song is amazing and Chris does a beautiful rendition of it. So he was like " i am going on stage for it!" Ok no... So tuning time was spent trying to get Chris not to go on stage. He had his time to shine! So we sang and danced instead.

Talked to the IKE guys after the show and Steve made his way to the merch table where I think I stuffed him full of free stickers and promo.

Stumbled back to my place for the post show festivities. The place was packed and the CDs kept skipping. Aurora and Jackman made it, as did Marissa, Amanda, and Meg. It all blurs together, I don't know how the hours flew by. Todd and Dan kept giving me jello shots. Oh, I remember throwing things from my window. I have a problem babbling to people I don't know so they feel comfortable, so I did that a lot. Lord knows what I said. John Faye made it and that was the greatest thing ever haha. I remember telling some girl she had the same jacket as he, but she may have thought I was crazy and nodded anyway. Tanya owned my papason and no one fell.

Then I crashed.