"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

the most perfect day to rock

Like i said in my previous blog, I arrived to work 5 minutes late riding on 4 hours of sleep. I definitely was not functioning right and the only pick me up I had was a visit next door to the coffee shop for soup and tea. John Faye and Cliff Hillis, of IKE, arrived around 12:30 and I was instantly rejuvenated. Their in-store performance lasted about an hour and it was fantastic. It sounded great and the store was absolutely packed. John asked me if it was too loud. I said no, I like my music loud and to feel free to break the windows. Newark Geroge made an appearance, and Cliff told him to have fun. It was interesting. They played Welcome Home for me, which of course is the anthem for the girlies. A very very good Saturday afternoon, but only a part of the wonderfulness that was the weekend.

Fueled only on good vibes I was able tor un some errands and clean before picking up Tanya. We came back and were very antsy and played around on AIM and got ready. Dan brought the PBR and pizza and all was well. Shortly after Dan went to the venue to set up his bass stuff, Steve, Maryellen, and Morita came, followed by Michael and Chris and a girl whose name I forgot by now. Then John, Matt, and Brian. I think I got those names right. Mike or Matt. Argh. So we chatted and ate and drank. Michael came in with a green lighted leprechaun and I knew it was LoPresto's. Apparently every year his family gets together for St. Patrick's Day. Interesting. Though tonight I think our festivities include McGlynns and perhaps some car bombs. I wonder if the leprochaun will attend.

Steve, Morita, and I went downstairs to check out some music, bother Charise, and grab some more booze. I was in a really giddy mood, so it was enjoyable. Charise and I sprawled ourselves on the floor talking while the boys perused the discs.

Came back to hang out some more and I was greeted by Tanya with Chris on the phone. He was looking for an adapter that I randomly found in a bag in my closet. So he jogged up from the venue and we all left for the Balloon.

But I have to leave for work, so I will finish this later. :-)