"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

finishing up the hoboken fun

I figured I would dedicate a little time to the blogger this evening before tuckering out.

Chris, Dan, and I arrive at the Farside shortly after the open bar started, and we dove right in. Even though it took me an hour to nurse my Guinness, and I was made fun of the entire time, I quickly downed the rum and cokes that were to follow. We danced around to Morita's mix CDs and played with the noise maker blower things. It was a pretty jubilant night, everyone was in high spirits. Maryellen was giving out stickers and left me in charge of them as she scampered off. Big mistake. If you look at the pictures, you will notice that everyone was left defenseless. I made stickman designs on LoPresto, Dan, Aimee, and Kylie. It was a work of art. Hmmmmm. Some guy yelled at me for going into the guys restroom. I didn't realize where the hell I was, oh well. Steve came and I tried to get him and Chris to make out. I hang my head in shame now, I can't believe I did that. Oh it was fun. But come on, how hot would that have been? I am sure Steve was mean to me at some point in the evening, even though I do give him credit for showing up...but I can't recall if he was or not. I remember sitting on a stool with Chris because I could barely stand and I told him my darkest secret ever. Hopefully he was drunk enough to forget. So scandalous. We leave the bar after closing and stumble for a million blocks to Maryellen's apartment. When its minus three degrees, drunk, and carrying a bunch of stuff, the walk is treacherous. We get to her place and I realize I brought the wrong pump for the air mattress, but we were only sleeping for a few hours, so it didn't even matter. I remember tripping over Morita, who was already asleep, a bunch of times trying to orient myself. Dan crashed stomach first and ended up staying like that the whole night. I remember talking to Chris then drifting off eventually. Only to be awaken by the incessant cell phone at 7am.

We groggily walk to the car in the cold a very very very far distance away. We meet Chris's friend Michael at Dunkin Donuts, which is now becoming a NYC/Hoboken tradition, and partook in the 99 cent breakfast sandwich special. The 130 mile ride to DE at 7 am was extremely awesome. The worst part was driving and I think I still may have been drunk from the night before. But I was entertained by the backseat stories and Jamiroquai and Sting. Had to be at work at 10, roll in at 10:05. Nice.