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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Dewey Beach Pop Fest

April 23, 2004

Dewey Beach Pop Fest - a gathering of some of my favorite people and musicians :-)

Tanya and I had left DE with a carload of booze and soaking wet clothes and meet Amanda and Marissa at the wonderful Marina Suites. We get ready for an evening of good times by snacking and drinking and playing some cards.

We had planned to see the following artists, tour de farce - Akiva, The Jane Anchor, Marlon Spike, Graham Colton Band, & IKE. We headed over to the Rudder once Aurora got into Dewey and checked out the Table Top Poets. They didn't really hit us. We met up with Joann (IKE) in the bathroom. Not sure why I wrote that, but since I just pondered it, it is staying.

Some freaky guy had his eyes set on Marissa and though we tried to save her, she denied - strong girl! Around 8 we went across the street to the book store to catch Akiva. I have been ranting and raving about this guy for some time now so I was psyched that the girls were finally able to see him perform. Jen and Laurie met up with us at this time so there was quite a gaggle of girls ready to rock. Akiva didn't have a setlist so I felt it was my duty to hint at what he should play - and he did, wonderful. During the whole set the girls and I kept hitting each other and smiling because he was so damn good and they knew I was right ;-). Dan and Chris came by midway through then left to check out Super Sugar Cliff Hillis. We chatted with Akiva a bit, bought some stuff, then headed over to the Rudder for some GCB action.

Aurora and I love Graham Colton Band, enough said. It was fanatastic that they were added to the Dewey Beach bill and we were all for it. We grab our seats front and center and enjoy the wonderfulness that is this band. We're hardcore, we have seen them from North Carolina to Virginia to New Jersey and this was the first time Aurora saw them in Delaware - she couldn't get into the Stone Balloon show earlier in the year :-(. Such a great band, and I think the girls were turned onto them as well. Two for two!

By this time, the underagers were escorted out - DAMN THE RUDDER - and it was Jen, Laurie, Tanya, and I that remained. IKE hit the stage to a surprisingly large crowd. At this time Ike was in preproduction mode with Glenn so he was trying out his new camera at the Rudder. So of course Jen and I checked out his equipment and shots more so than the bands performance. He had our camera, it was a must! After Deathbed we scooted out early to catch the Marlon Spike show at the Lighthouse.

They went on a little later than planned because the rain forced the outside stage to squeeze in on the inside stage times. Bit it was worth the wait because they played Eb Jam. Afterwards we met up with Akiva in the parking lot. It was fate because as I was finding his number he called, haha. So we meet up, Laurie and Jen left, and we head back to the hotel room to meet up with Amanda and Marissa.

The cards and booze were out and we just start talking, then Chris and Dan arrive. It was pretty chill, just hanging out. Definitely not as hardocre as years past, but still enjoyable. Someone random knocked on our door then later came in, complete with buck teeth and a really southern accent and very energetic. Amanda made fun of his accent, though he really was from North Carolina, and actually works with a band that I am connected with in a way. Thanks to Josh Terry, who works with Evoka, I'm now knee deep in the industry haha.

Around 5 am we crash, Tanya and I on the pullout, Marissa and Amanda in the bed, Dan on the 3 couch cushions, Chris in his sleeping bag on the floor, and Akiva on the air mattress. We wake up and watch Ice Age and talk pop culture before heading out to show the boys a fine breakfast at Cracker Barrell. Blackberries were the fruit of choice. And the biscuits were amazing. Akiva even talked dirty to his biscuit. It's true, I have pictures.

After the mid afternoon breakfast, we all parted our ways and said goodbye to the Dewey Beach Pop Fest.