"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, May 27, 2004

sucker for anything acoustic

So here we go, trying to catch up on the past two months of my volatile life in little snippets on the web. I'll write each major event as an episode, hopefully you will be on the edge of your seats to see what will emerge next...

I'm sitting at my computer with all of my band laminants hanging to the right in front of me. Brand New All Access. The All Access part of it not only includes free ticket and open bar, but also their hotel room couch to sleep on.

April 17, 2004 - but I guess I should go back the day before where Dan and I drove to NYC to hang out with Maryellen & Paul and see Damien Rice. Damien Rice played the Beacon and we had beer and candy for dinner because we got stuck in traffic. It was a delectable meal because it was bought on the street corner. Damien was simply amazing and now I am that much more complete for seeing him live. We were seated way in the back, but close enough.

As soon as the show ended we hopped in a cab as Maryellen told us stories of New York and ended up at Desmonds to catch Green to Think. While driving up to NYC Ken warned me about his super snazzy shirt and boy was he right. Giddy up cowboy. It had snaps! Haha. Ken handed over his camera and I caught the craziness on film. Desmonds is interesting, to say the least. Steve was drunk and a good random time was had by all. Well, except for one. There was an industry person in the house, but who expects professionalism at Desmonds, hit up a real venue!

At the end of the set the guys took apart Ken's drum kit piece by piece and movied it forward to the front of the stage while he still played, hilarious. Talked to Gilligan & Katie afterwards and told them how my life was a tragic comedy. I think gilligan said his was a hard core romance novel with Fabio on the cover - unless I imagined that. To go along with that theme, I missed a phone call from Akiva regarding a party that night in the city. So onward we go to the subway in the wee hours of the morning and alas it is broken or late or something. An hour later we make it to Hoboken.

No trip to Hoboken is complete without a stop at the nearby Dunkin Donuts for $.99 breakfast sandwiches. Yum. We drive back home in record time, enough for showers and changing and repacking before heading down to Dewey for the Brand New show. Big Yuenglings and pizza with sweet peppers were enjoyed - but will not be enjoyed later. I don't recommend this concotion.

The Dewey Beach Music Fest was also occuring this weekend so we walked through the youngin's and drank and hung out more at the Rudder. Dan saw the Brand New guys and said hi and proceeded to score us All Access passes. While waiting for the band to make it back to the venue we saw the Omnisoul guys and hung out for a little before taking full advantage of the hour left in the open bar at the Bay Center. Brand New had to do a bunch of media stuff while Dan and I had a lot of drinking to do. Vodka and cokes.

The doors open and a sea of kids come swarming in, so we hung out at the bar and recognized people we knew and enjoyed the show from afar. A 15 year old girl was wearing the same shirt as me. Around 11 Omnisoul played at the venue next to us so I took full advantage of my All Access pass and ran across the parking lot to catch their set and support them. They sounded good and had a sea of unfamiliar girls dancing in front of them - good stuff. I ran back and the door guy wouldn't let me back in, until Dan enticed me to walk right past him. Screw you security as we proceed to the fully stocked green room. I made nice with the security guard down there earlier in the night as a part of my 87 treks to the bathroom, so he was really cool. We hang out in the green room and it surprised me on what little girls will do to get back there. Seriously, I think some were nearly in tears! Vinnie grabbed my sharpie and signed some stuff. Many fans can thank me for their purple ink. After we call it an evening at the Bay Center it was time to head off to the Marina Suites - the prime spot for Dewey partying many seasons over.

We drink on the way then it was decided to hit up a party on the other side of the hotel. Some girls birthday or something. Many people and open bottles there. A few kids freaked out because Brand New was in attendence with us and girls danced weird - as was the music. Mostly we hang out on the balcony doing various things and throwing various things. This guy recognized Dan or something to that effect and he was pretty entertaining throughout the night. I think at one time he even held my hand and that was a little odd. But it was all about the love in Dewey. Some one complained and more people were scared the cops were going to come, so we left obnoxiously loud. Throughout the night we were invited to go with the band to North Carolina. I was all for it but a certain someone had a speech to write. I offered him napkins and a pen...

We crashed on the hotel room couch for a few hours and they left us the room and said "see ya in North Carlolina, Dan!" on the way out.

We wake up to the cleaning people and call it a day. As soon as I got up I knew I was in trouble. The elevator did me in and I ran out of the very nice hotel very fast before I ruined their carpet. Instead I tarnished their outside wall. And the dumpster. And the bay. Ughhhhhhhh. I give Dan my keys and he had full reign of the Cabrio, along with a stop at the mega beach Wawa. Iced tea and mint gum usually does the trick. Oh no. To make a sordid story sweet, don't try throwing up out a moving convertible. Especially not twice. I am so awful.