"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, June 20, 2004

the logan house never ceases to amaze me

I swear I have no dignity. I would post pictures, but damn yahoo has been screwing up and I can't upload anything. Soon enough, check back.

I started the day with an awesome radio show with plenty of callers, and ended it at the Logan House. I drove up with Matt and Dave early so we could catch Omnisoul before IKE came on. Ran into John Faye while going upstairs and he had the same outfit on as me again. Except I had a bright blue scarf and my black shirt was a tank top, not a t-shirt.

Omnisoul rocked the house as usual. Took some decent pictures, too bad you can't see them. Their new album drops in August, you should stop by their site and preorder it. Its gonna be hot. But yeah, the show sounded good except the vocals sometimes, a little too hot.

Before arriving to the Logan House I warned my friends that I couldn't get drunk because I was afraid of what I may do. Such as make an ass out of myself. And I said that I couldn't get drunk because i would end up dancing with Glenn. Yup.

Miss Jen came up from DC just in time to get her rock on with IKE. So we sang and danced as usual. IKE performed a Prince cover and Glenn went nuts and drug me out to dance with him, so we did. Dave said he wished he had a camera. It was a crazy good time. When IKE played Deathbed, Glenn grabbed me and we celebrated as John mentioned the music video. Woohoo!! And of course Jen and I did our "na na na na na naaa's".

John had handed me the mailing list and some blue cards to distribute during and after the show. I wasn't drunk, I was just in a giddy mood because of the interesting turn of the evening. So while John was tuning, he mentioned to the crowd that I had the blue cards. So I said....
"They're blue! Like Viagra!" What possessed me to say this in the presence of the crowd, I have no idea. Again, maybe it was because of the interesting turn of the evening.
"What was that Miranda, can you repeat that?!" - John
"They're blue! Like Viagra!" - me
"There you go guys, go see Miranda for your penile dysfunction" - John

Why why why why why do I do these things?! Oh but it was interesting, throughout the night I met and talked to some nice people.

We said our goodbyes and headed home to Newark. Jen and I had a sleepover and spent the evening catching up and talking about our scandals and misadventures. I can't wait to see her in DC next week! :-)

And that was Friday.