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Friday, June 18, 2004

all about the passion

Photos here

Pat McGee Band played Power Plant Live and of course I was there. After work, Dan and I trekked down 95 and after cricling aorund for 20 minutes, found parking and began the evening.

McFadden's had $10 all you can drink happy hour until 10 pm. Nice. We had a power hour and met some nice people. Mix 106.5 was there and had free hats, Dan traded a CD for a hat, but he had to wear it all night. Which would have been ok, if it wasn't a "White Chicks" hat. He pulled it off, so he was allowed to wear it. :-). I was getting antsy because the rock was about the start. We met up with Dan's friends Andrew and Lou and by the time the third song started Lou and I were up front and on the steps. A perfect view and in the midst of an awesome crowd. I stayed while Lou went back to the guys. J-Mo saw me and called me over to the backstage area and we chatted for a bit before he had to go back to do something rock productive. I go back to wear I was standing and the little girlies in the ruffly skirts whispered about me when I came back. Aw yeah. Hahaha, wow people are funny. So funny the conversations you pick up by eavesdropping.

The show was good, not great by other standards. They played a decent mix of good songs that can fit into 90 minutes. Nothing too jammy or surprising. They played Passion, so of course I was happy. The encore was Shine and Rebecca. Todd Wright was magnificent as always. So damn talented.

We met back up with Dan and Andrew as we watched Dan promote the Funk Box show. The greatest line ever -
Dan: here's a free CD of my band, we're playing at the Funk Box on Wednesday
Girl: Oh, we're from out of town
Dan: That's the good thing about a CD, you can take it with you!

So we continued the drink through the night. Dan bought Andrew and Lou 32 ounces of beer each and that is a lot of beer. It's like a 44 ounce cup at Wawa, just 32 ounces. Julia enticed us (ok, the boys) to go upstairs to Tiki Bobs for free. We even got TB. While Dan tried to scheme and score a free drink, I got a free drink ;-). He even talked to think girl for a while who I was sure was going to give in, but she didn't. We all guessed she was over 30. Hey, nothing wrong with that! We told him he may have a better chance with gay guys, but all of our gaydars are shot. But lo and behold, two hottie gay guys came in arm and arm, Dan had his shot, but didn't take the reins. He admited defeat, even with the White Chicks hat, and we called it a night.

My car was still there and we destinated to Sheetz. So most of my friends know about my addiction to Wawa, but my southern friends tell me that Sheetz is the way to go. Morgan had told me about one in Joppatowne, so that is where we went. Gas was $1.89!!!!!! In all of its red bright glory, we entered our first Sheetz. A little snazzy, a little too kitschy, but all in all a good road stop. I didn't dare try their coffee, but their egg and cheese bagel was fantastic. They had way too many choices and it boggled my mind. Mac and Cheese or bagel sandwich?!?! I still don't know which I like better. Wawa is so familiar and safe. I think I will have to take a roadtrip down south to determine. Perhaps the Carolina's in July? Or maybe there will be some on the way to Ohio.

120 free Marlon Spike discs, 90 minutes of PMB rock, 27 kajillion annoying ruffly skirts, many ounces of booze, and two bagel sandwiches later, we crashed at 3 am a good night left in the dust.