"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, June 14, 2004

Phil's birthday

Pictures from the LDE portion of the weekend can be found here

I tossed and turned all night due to my ears still ringing, my stomach still uneasy, and the pain of an impending sore throat. I think I had jinxed myself because I told Chris L. Before he left for Michigan that I always know when I am becoming super stressed out because I will get a sore throat. Another wonderful side effect of CFS. I woke up the Saturday morning with no voice and the worst cough ever. After a few hours struggling at the store, I went back upstairs to get some rest.

After a couple of hours of Z's I went to the theatre to see "Saved". Funny as all hell. I laughed my ass off. Funny because its true. Apparently quite a few members of the production crew and a rock band pulled out of the film because of its crude sense of portrayal. Such is life.

Came home and it was decided that Annapolis is where we were to be Saturday evening. Nevermind the lack of voice or the impending fever or the common sense that told us to stay in. I pick up Dave and Tanya, hit up the Wawa for dinner, and then we hit up 95. You know it was a good night before when I asked Tanya what stupid things we did at the Logan House and said not to ask her because its like the blind leading the blind. We knew it would be another good evening due to the purple Swift truck that we passed. It was right after that bridge 20 miles away from Newark. Oh I know my roads. We pick up Steve en route in Bel Air and made it to Annapolis shortly after 10.

Tanya and Dave warned Steve about my driving, but it was all about safety because I wore my glasses. The taxi driver who was speeding down the road who almost hit us was not all about safety. We found a nearby lot as well as O'Brien's which was brimming with people way dressed up. Oh fun, a bachelorette party and a wedding party.

I don't even know where to begin. I could just list everything that happened...I got shoved away from the bar from a significantly older and heavier man who wanted to get to his 9 shots before I could grab my one bottle. Tanya and I didn't dance as much as we usually do because we had to use our super powers to ward off the weirdos. There was Aaron who was in the Navy who humped my leg. Chris asked if it was hot, and oh it was. You can never go wrong with a good public leg humping. PBR hat guy who was leg humpers friend fell all over Tanya. This other guy asked Steve if Tanya was his girlfriend and once he answered no, the guy put his arm around Steve. Scandalous! Phil was drunk running around with a shirt on his head. Chris sang about Long Island ice teas. Brad grabbed my ass and tore open a CD sleeve with his teeth.

Oh! And JonaSteve was there. I had called Mark on my way down to Annapolis and I woke him up - silly boy. We talked about music life in DC and whatnot and it was cool running into him again, though it wasn't a Red Fish Monday evening. Some girl lost her shoes.

All in all it was a good and fun birthday for Phil. He looked extremely happy and that's all that matters. It was cool to see how much he loves his bandmates, rare you see such eminent joy. Hmmm what else can be mentioned in bits and pieces... The girls in attendence were freakishly tall. I played with Chris' sweaty head. Brian said i still smelled good, luckily I showered. Sundresses and pink pants are dangerous. And why is there not a gas station open past 2 am in Maryland's capital!?!?!?

We drove home brutally fast. My poor passengers had to endure the 85 miles will me coughing every two minutes and definitely not having any semblance of a voice.

4 am sleep never seemed so sweet. :-)