"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, June 14, 2004

you can call me randy if you wanna

I usually love Fridays more than any other day of the week because they are jam packed with musical goodness. First off, I get to sleep in till noon and that is always wonderful. Second, I have my weekly bout at the radio station then head over to the record store for a few hours before heading out for some other adventure. This Friday was no different - it was a Lloyd Dobler Effect Day!

Chris Bruno (lead guitarist/vocals) for LDE called me while he was in Bethany Beach saying that he was heading up north soon and wanted to know if I wanted to catch up with him. So after a great radio show (callers, lots of callers!), I gave Chris a mini tour of Newark and had dinner at the East End. The guy is a fast talker, more so than I, which took me aback since I am usually never speechless - ha. I learned a lot about him during that hour, which was cool and creepy at the same time because he has the same quirks I do. At least I feel better knowing that I am semi normal now with my addictions to order and am a creature of habit. I bit my tongue when he verbalized that he has the same breakfast I do, day in day out. My day just isn't right if I start it out wrong. He was allowed to stay at the table because he is a democrat, and since that conversation, Michael Moore has appeared in my dreams twice. Or maybe because Moore is continuously on the CNN page right now. Which is also Chris' homepage and we have the same reading habits. Weird - ha. So after dinner we strolled along Main Street in search of strawberry mentos. No such luck.

Tanya and I started our evening rolling around Wilmington trying to find parking. We went to Dead Presidents because we heard they had drink specials for Reasgon, which is so wrong, but we won't complain if it means cheap booze. We walked into the bar, realized we were the youngest ones there, and quickly walked out. Logan House it is. We got there a bit early so we started off with a beverage - Red Bull & vodka for her, Sprite & raspberry vodka for me - as we talked and dodged creepy guys who had too white smiles. We go upstairs to have our customary shot and I introduce her to the LDE guys. We also meet up with old and new friends, Dave, Ben, Steve, Chris, Nate, Alex, and Kristen.

Tanya and I are always ready to sing and dance and scheme, so we did. Phil's acoustic wasn't patched in or something so you couldn't hear it the first set. Who knew that the crowd wanted to actually hear the music?! Silly soundman. That's what happens when you leave Brad and Chuck at home. Unless they were frightened on what would become of the Logan House since every occassion is dangerous.

During the break we talked to Brian and he meets my approval. Especially because he liked the smell of my hair. He fits in well and I can see him being a great addition to the band. Even though he wears his bass high, it allows him to rock harder :-).

Chris broke a string on what I think he said was his favorite guitar and he equated restringing it to sex or something like that. His sweat stain looks like a heart.

The night usually isn't complete until Phil incorporates my name along with some sort of story in a song. This time he started the second set with "A Million Ways" which he said was for me and changed a verse to center arond me. Oh geez, I hope i didn't turn four shades of red. But we danced and it was fun. And Chris M. got his "Two Step" and it was fabulous.

After the show we played the load out game. Or, the band played the load out game, Tanya played the talking game, and I hung out with Chris at the trailor. Tanya kept saying how the trailor looks lik my fridge - yay. Rock Lesson #473 is loading the trailor correctly. Tanya and I mocked made out and I think I bit her sometime in the course of the evening, but I think that was upstairs.

We said our "see you laters" and I think as we were leaving we talked about porn and dating. We hit up 95 and called LoPresto to wake him up and left an inebriated message. We dodged cars on the interestate while Chris apparently followed.

Then we passed out and a fantastic Friday was complete. :-)