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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Rainbow Nite!

I have some downtime before work and while waiting for e-mails back to me, so I figured I would play catch up. I just read Maryann's web journal and figured it was about time for me to post one of the big events of the summer - thus far...Rainbow Nite!

Pictures can be seen here.
June 5th was supposed to be Newark nite and I had it all planned out. Newark Nite draws about 30,000 people and I figured that having an evening full of live music in the store would be a fantastic idea. After battling the city of Newark, ganking lights, and postering like crazy, it rained like a monsoon on Saturday. The one thing I couldn't control became disasterous. I was SO FRUSTRATED!!! But at least all the guys I had performing are awesome and decided to play anyway.

The bill was Steve from Green to Think, Akiva, and Marlon Spike. Let's see...who came to the show...Raf, Max, Maryann, Tanya, Marissa, Amanda, Dave, John, Morita, Katie, Oliver, Elise, Dan, Rebecca, Tristan, Zack, and Sarah. Hehe. Zack and Sarah. Ben Folds. Ah. At least we were all into it. It was fabulous just hanging out with everyone and listening to our friends. Akiva messed up a few times but we forgave him and sang louder for it. Rob and I started the drinking in the store around 2 pm because my stress levels were through the roof. By the time the music started I think Raf and I were pretty far gone. We had all the bevs upstairs so people just kept going up and down and you know it wasn't just coke in those cups. June 5th was also the Belmont and of course we were all rooting for Smarty Jones. At race time, which was also during Akiva;s set, Sark asked if he could go upstairs to watch the race. A trickle of people left Rainbow and ten minutes later, a line of sad faces came back into the store. Sad, but funny. We pretty much picked Akiva's set for it, asking him to play certain songs, and of course "Tuesdays" twice. Chris rules because he played all of my favorite Marlon Spike songs and of course shouted them out to me. He gets team points for that one.

After the rock we all went to Peace A Pizza for grub and bombarded the staff. Potato pizza has got to be one of the most perfect things on earth. And after Peace A Pizza naturally comes the after party.

Raf, John, Charise,Dave, Aurora, and Lee made it to the after party, so that was fun. We busted out some Motown and Hootie and had a little singing and dance party. We must have looked insane. There was even a bit of a Hootie remix due to my insanely senstive stereo. You can fit three people in Tanya's belt. Everyone ran to their cameras for that one. Akiva gave me a music history lesson in NY rock on my computer. Maryann was the 88th member of the Marlon Spike message board and there are 88 keys on a piano. Trippy. Akiva and Steve were talking on the futon and Aurora and were staring because we realized that they looked related. It was an odd moment. Hmmm...what else - this is all pretty much a stream of consciousness...McDermott came back with Dan and Katie, but remained into the night. I swear, the more that guy drinks, the wittier he gets. Near 3 am, it was the last of the troopers, me, maryann, chris, lee, dave, akiva, and dan. Though akiva was pretty much out on my foldy chair, so he semi counts. Everytime a music topic came up we "all music-ed" it. Too bad you can't "all music" everything, like korean recipes. We kept telling Akiva that he was fair game until he takes off his shoes. The poor guy, went to take off his shoes and dozed off n the process! He woken up to one of our bouts of laughter and he pointed to McDermott who also found solace in the foldy chair and mid head turn to look at McDermott, Akiva fell asleep again! He finally got up and walked to my bed. As I offered that he could lay down if he wanted, he was out and under the covered before I could finish my sentence! Only Chris, Lee, Maryann, McDermott, and I remained. The wonderful glow of DD enticed Dan over, but not without the laser tag helmet that was left in my apartment from March's boozing. So he trekked over in the helmet never to return. Around 5:30 am we heard the birds chirping decided to call it an evening.

Since Akiva was sprawled out on my bed, he monopolized about seven pillows, leaving Maryann and I with the futon decoration pillows. I busted out the air mattress and used my papasan pillow for added comfort. Maryann woke up and left around 11:30 and I woke up shortly after. Akiva was still out so I used the alone time to clean and straighten up. We watched TV and talked about music tactics and of course other various music things before we said our goodbyes. lucky guy was seeing Gavin DeGraw and Michael Tolcher that night in the city!

All in all a wonderful evening with fanastic friends :-)