"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

shopaholics anonymous

So there are few things that I really spend money on. Seriously, most of my paycheck goes to bills, such as rent, internet, car, insurance, you know - life necessities. I have a secret guilty pleasure in internet shopping that is becoming addictive. Charise and I will seriously spend hours online checking out our favorite online stores (oh please, the mall is so not for me) and mock shop just for the thrill of it. That is good enough for me, occasionally i do make the large online purchase, but most of it is last season stuff or super cheap clearance stuff so its ok. I honestly wear the same pair of black flip flops everyday. They make me almost an inch taller, they are comfy, and match everything. I love my flip flops more than I like most material things. But today, brace yourself, Aurora and I hit the stores.

While driving back from Philly feeling slightly guilty since I should be watching my wallet, I told Aurora its just like most girls (not us, naturally we're not like most girls) who recently break up with a boyfriend and they go and sleep with like 5 guys. We went nuts, just with shopping. We were smart about it, but still. We both had fat paychecks so we needed a thrill.

First stop was H & M because I needed to return a shirt. Yay for credit. I have a penchant for scarves and they had some for super cheap, so I had to get my fill. And they had bras wicked cheap and since its tank top season, instead of trying to hide the straps, screw it, I try to get the most colorful and flashy straps because there is no sense in trying to hide it. Underwear should be fun. Bracelets were also on sale and I can never go out with a wrist adornment. And I bought a yellow tank top. That was the only thing not on sale, but it was only twelve bucks. Across the way was Bath & Body works with a big red sale sign out front. It was a must. I needed more travel antibacterial handwash stuff. Oh come on, you never know how the bathrooms are going to be in bars and on the road. Our next stop was Victoria's Secret because its the semi-annual sale time. Aurora and I have a knack of randomly and not so randomly buying the same article of clothing. A lot of the times we have to converse on our evening attire so we don't look weird. We were at seperate racks and ending up picking up the same obnoxiously bright pink and yellow bra. So we bought. As well as matching purple underwear. Not entirely on purpose, but we both liked.

I bought a belt for 5 bucks. Aurora found some goods at the vintage shop with the nice worker guy. He has trouble keeping his secret stash too. We were oddly disappointed at Guacamole - our favoritest stroe ever. There was seriously nothing to be talked out of. I saw some shoes that I liked but would never wear and the roos weren't on sale. Grr. We probably would have gone out with a bagful of stuff at the retro thift store if we didn't have just ten minutes before they closed. One of my favorite jewelry stores in the village (nyc) just opened up a store on South Street. Rock on. I was proud of Aurora and her funky bracelet purchase. I bought a bracelet and a necklace. I was talking to the clerk about how much I liked his store because he noticed I had on one of their bracelets. I think he hooked me up, I decided not to look at the reciept. I needed them!! NEED!

We stopped at Wawa and dodged the raindrops while singing to Omnisoul in the car.

I'm allowed to slip to my addictions every once in a while!