"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, June 28, 2004

Sting in Camden - not Philly

Last night I went to see the Annie Lennox/Sting show at Camden's Tweeter Center. I never have that much to write after I see a big show, it just doesn't encompass what the smaller dirty shows do. Sting is definitely artist you have to see at least once, and seeing how I am a huge fan of the Police, it was fitting that I went. I am not as familiar with his solo stuff as I am with the band stuff, it was all enjoyable. Synchrocity has to be one of the best albums ever.

I'm such a dork when I go to big shows like this, I'm partly in the music and partly in the visual effects and videography. Sometimes I want to go over the the director and shake him when I see their work displayed on the screens. But Sting had an amazing visual show, one of the best I have seen in a while. And he played "Fields of Gold" which is my favorite Sting / non Police song.

I was lying in the grass, shoes kicked off, staring up at the starless sky, listening and it reminded me of my birthday. I spent it with Karen, Mark Williams, Michael Alban, & JonaSteve in Baltimore. Michael sounds so much like Sting its scary. And Mark and I were at the trunk of his car for ever while he found my Sacred Love and Elvis Costello CD. At the trunk he went into this rant on how much he disliked the CD. I was spun around on the docks...and last night reminded me of that evening.