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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Luna Lounge in the words of Matt

I am way too sleepy and I won't have any time to post in the next few days, so I will cut and paste what Mr. Matt posted on the Omnisoul message board about our jaunt in the city on Tuesday night...

Luna Lounge Show
I’m going to take a shot at a review of last night’s festivities. First off, Miranda and I left Newark early and because she drives like a champ, we got to the city with plenty of time to look for fun things to do (green light, green light, green light! Yessss!!). This was in spite of mapquest creating imaginary street names which do not correspond in any way to NYC.
Josh and I learned how one parallel parks in 28 steps or less as Miranda gave us ten minutes worth of meter-side entertainment.
Although we could have eaten at the shop which serves grilled-cheese ONLY, we went to a cool pizza place, outside of which there was a man sitting…. Forever! It seemed like he was staking claim to his own chunk of sidewalk for hours. I guess you had to be there.
Anyway, there wasn’t much to do in the proximal area to the Luna Lounge. There was of course the popular orange-shirted guy who was caught by the fuzz for selling drugs and pinned to the ground to the delight of hordes of onlookers. There was also a charming young man talking to his girlfriend on the phone next to us: “Hon, we should go out dancing or something tonight, it’ll be nice. And then afterwards we can come back to my place and have some awesome sex. Yeah babe, it’ll be sweet.” One tends to worry about the gene pool.
After hours of chilling around town, finally, the show! There were three bands in total. Omnisoul was sandwiched between “Money Money” and “Spank.” Don’t worry, mothers, despite what you may be thinking, this was NOT an adult-themed evening.
M.M. came all the way from Canada along with an admirable fan base. I met two girls who made the ten-hour bus trip from Toronto. Said one of them, “In Canada, we have beer, we have hockey, and we have sex.” (My bags are packed). The sound was earth-shatteringly loud, which left some of us somewhat incapacitated the rest of the evening.
Omnisoul went on the stage around 9 and proceeded to rock our kneecaps off. The set went as follows:

All or None
Twinkle of a Life
Scare the Night
Home to Home
Another Day Gone
Feel What You Want
The Greater You

I think that the strongest song was STN. Derek put the most amount of energy into the really intense parts of the songs and it really impressed us. Furthermore, Josh’s bass solo was tight as ever and unlike at some venues, we got to hear it loud and clear. We all have to thank the friendly house sound man with the entertaining accent. Mike Tate on the lighting added some extra spirit to the performance, especially Home to Home and Another Day Gone. A real spectacle (which was a perfect photo-op) was Shawn’s guitar solo in Twinkle. Derek came over and stood looking over his shoulder as if to say “Yeah, play that reeeeeal niiiiiice!!!” the intra-band interaction was strong. This has been noticeably improving lately and it adds some more energy to the shows.

Even the ride home was fun. Miranda caught several traffickers off-guard with her cat-like maneuvers around the city and outside of the tunnel, which landed us at dunkin donuts (where else do all good road trips pass through?). We passed through my home turf in NJ to get some gas and the station attendant said, “Oh, they all give me 2, 3, 4, 5 dollars. You give me 10 dollars! I am so lucky!!” clearly happy that Miranda was gracing him with her presence and cash.

We hope that more familiar faces came make it out to the shows in July! For everybody who came to the Luna Lounge last night, I want to hear what you think of the show and the trip!