"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Last Friday night

The night was brought to us by Sparks.

After work, I piked up Tanya and we Sparked it up while playing on the computer. Which is never a good idea. At least I didn't call anyone. I wait, yeah I did. Phil was the first phone call. Oh my - onward to Aurora's.

We walked over to Prospect, which meant passing by the Ground Floor as the underagers whooted and hollered at us. Kinda flattering but also gross. Aurora had just moved into her new place and it was her roommates birthday - twice the reason to party!

Nate came by, and Jackman was in town for the weekend. I got to meet Cooksy and I drank with some previous residents. We talked and took pictures. Tanya stole my keys and I freaked out, oddly enough, though I was panicking, I was fine with it - I had my super orange bev. Around 2 we left and hit up the diner. I think I ran into a bush.

Greasy food is fabulous, though our waitress sucked. For some reason they couldn't replace the chicken fingers with french fries. IT'S A DINER!! Who doesn't do that!??! She was NOT even CLOSE to our usual hip diner waitress.

Nate and I go back to my apartment and I splashed around in the pool while he called me a doofus. Hit the sack around 4 am and oddly enough woke up at 8 on my own. Silly Sparks.