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Monday, June 28, 2004

Marlon Spike takes on the Funk Box

The evening in pictures

On Wednesday, June 23, 2004, Marlon Spike made their Baltimore debut in Baltimore's finest venue - The Funk Box. After a week of postering, distributing CDs, and talking it up, we presold quite a number of tickets, though a bit less than our goal. Which we definitely could have done if it wasn't mid week in the summer. Next time.

Dan drove Tanya, Sarah, ad myself down to Baltimore, arriving much earlier then needed, which was good for my anxiety when it comes to times. We loaded in Dan's stuff and merch then headed out for dinner while we waiting for the rest of the posse. Dinner was good and I think Chris had ice cream.

The guys soundchecked as I ran around like mad upstairs getting everything that the Funk Box needed organized. I've missed this and it was pretty damn awesome. They filled the fridge in the green room with goodies and a good preshow time was had by all. Met some cool new people and, um, yeah, Tanya and I tested our tolerance. The girls made fine use of the rooftop view. Jen was able to come down for an hour or so and hang out. Which was just dandy. And I even got photo doc of her snazzy CNN laminate. Aw, laminate.

Marlon Spike had a phenomenal show. It sounded great and looked even better. The crowd was scattered throughout the venue and of course we stood about 10 feet from the stage, no closer. I think I am now banned from Chris' camera because it scares me. I nearly lost it when Sark told Chris to "hold tight big boy" because he wasn't ready. Shortly afterwards, Dan needed more juice for his bass and darted off the stage and upstairs. Ahh fun. They also edited their in between song banter due to the presence of the parents. A couple that Aurora introduced me to later danced up a storm near the front of the stage. They told me that they try to dance at every performance they see, then the man proceeded to tell me about the resurgence of the lambada in certain NYC clubs. He then showed me. Also met Herb from the Grog & Tankard. What a great night to meet all sorts of new people. I also met a nice guy from an area band, but I totally forgot his name and band. I just know that they are playing the Grape sometime before the end of summer. So I guess I'll find out soon enough.

After Marlon Spike played, I ran upstairs so I could grab my bag and notebook of life, as well as use the restroom. The door was open, and I was looking down, so I walk in. I look up and see two guys from the other band utilized the same facility. That is all I am going to say. First off, it was a one room large bathroom, second - WHO DOES THAT!?! My mouth dropped and I scmapered to our dressing room to grab my stuff. I didn't get a chance to escape before one of them asked me if I smoke.

I drove home with Aurora and showed her the essence that is Sheetz. We agree that it is not as great as Wawa. We win against the LDE guys. Ours is better. Sheetz is way too colorful and like an amusement ride. Where Wawa is all about quality. :-) It is still way better than BP.