"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, August 13, 2004

just another day

"I see all the pouring rain around me - Yet I don't feel a thing - In time realize - Don't bother to stop and think - That sometimes when you can't be right - Got to find time to change the mind of another - But if you think that you might want to be - Don't hesitate to contain" - Granian

Thursday was a good day, as all Thursdays should be. I had my afternoon free since I had decided that driving to NYC wasn't the best idea ever, so I went shopping. I'm constantly surrounded by people all day, whether it is constantly being tied to businessy stuff through email, or the phone, or just face to face. I don't mind, in fact, I love it, but sometimes you just need some alone time. I stopped down at the store before heading out where I was bombarded by packages. In the past few days I have met a lot of nice people who work at labels. I've been pretty much getting boxes everyday of CDs from artists I should check out and concert tickets and promotions and whatnot. Damn! Yesterdays gifts included some framed pictures and posters. I also picked up the new Ari CD that was on backorder since the demand was so high. Sigh...our boy is growing up. Its a good thing, but still... That's a whole new topic entirely!

On the way home from shopping, the rain poured down. Awesome. You would think that since it has been raining nonstop here, people would learn to drive in it better. The worst, the absolute worst was the stupid Hummer I was behind acting like a wuss in the rain. YOU DRIVE A FUCKING HUMMER!!! Those things can swim across the Mississippi! Get off your plush pedastol of stature and drive your fucking gas guzzeling societal image SUV the way it should be.

Picked up Aurora from Tyler's and off to The Point we went. We were going to go up and see Ryan Montbleau and Lloyd Dobler Effect in NYC, but Todd Martin and Granian were playing at The Point, a third of the distance away. We were also supporting Akiva and Darren Flowers who were playing in Chicago as well. It was a Fresh Tracks night all around!

I so was not digging Hiedi Hensley whatsoever. I won't even write about it. My vanilla chai was good though.

I've been talking with Todd Martin, and booked him to play with Marlon Spike in October. I have heard his studio tracks and read really great things about him, but hadn't seen him live. Aurora saw him in Boston a few months ago and thought he was fantastic. I agree. And whoever covers Damien Rice is fabulous in my books. Great stage presence and musician. His voice is smooth and clean, very reminescent of Ari's. Or perhaps that connection is because it was the last thing I heard in the car.

Ahhh...Granian. So nostalgic. It's been too long since I have seen him play. His music is comforting, the purple CD is one of those CDs that I would just play start to finish hours on end. Granian was also one of the first Center Stage artists. I have his poster on the wall to my right, and scrawled in Sharpie is "Miranda - go for the music!" During my sophomore year in college I was torn on whether to continue on my broadcast journalism track or spend my time doing music related things. Damn you Center Stage :-). So that was the advice written to me on the tour poster. How appropriate. Garen did not play "All in the Face", but he did play "Foresight" as his closer. Nice. Dan and I were texting back and forth during the show, and he reminded Aurora and I that Derek was playing at Iron Hill as well. Now our plans were set for after the Point.

Afterwards, we went to say hi to Todd and whatnot. He got his new CD and hurried off to catch Derek. I love how people think its odd to fit a few shows in one night, its not odd, its normal. Especially for Aurora, there hasn't been a time that we haven't darted out of The Point to head to The Riverfront. Some girl reminded us that it was 11:20. I said that it was OK, we have until 1. They didn't have a response as we left to hit the road.

Listened to Todd's CD down 95 and we didn't skip a track. A good sign. Didn't listen to it too intently since we were also talking most of the time, but tracks 3 and 9 stood out to me. Nine is the lucky winner for todays radio show.

Came in on Derek singing my favorite Radiohead song (Idioteque). We caught about 45 minutes of his set, which was just enough time for Aurora to hear his new song that I like a lot. I don't know the title. We were too tired move or even get out of the rain. CD will be out in less than a week :-)