"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Calico Jacks

Boys: please don't hit on girls if you are creepy. please also do not hit on girls if we have made no effort to flirt with you whatsover.

After work, I met up with Maryellen and her work friends at Calico Jacks for drinks and quesidillas. Her friend was bartending so we got free shots and cheap drinks. And of course, work was crazy so all day I had coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After a rum and coke and two shots, my fingers were numb. Maryellen was talking (just being nice as he tried to get to the bar, not talking talking) to this guy, she discovered that he lives on the same street she grew up on, and apparently that was an open invitation for him to ask her to dance and pester her for the remaining of the night. She had to pull out the lesbian card and it still didn't really deter him away. Maryellen went to the bathroom before we left, which apparently was an open invite for the fifty year old man all blinged out to come over and convince me not to leave. Then he asked if I would kiss him! What the hell!?!??! I tried to be nice since he could have very well been crazy, and said that my "boyfriend" wouldn't appreciate that. So then he puts his arms on my waist! Freak! I was trapped between him and the bar and telling Maryellen that we had to leave ASAP because he was getting freakier. He backed off and we bolted.

Hehe there was also a guy wearing one of those front and back looney tunes shirts at the bar. That was funny. Hello 1994.