"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wednesday night

My titles, are boring, huh? Oh well.

Last night I got out of the office way late and went over to Maryellen's afterwards. We downed a bottle of wine as we watched American Idol and Wife Swap and contemplated life and its curveballs. We also thumbed through magazines trying to find a haircut for her but all we found were ugly models.

A commercial came on for the Snoopy Valentine's Day special and I said that we should pregame while watching it. She agreed, saying that it was sad that we probably will. On the agenda for this weekend is CBGB's on Friday (Todd Martin and crew are playing) then who knows afterwards, then Saturday a group of us are hitting up GLO. Which could be the best or worst thing ever. But for a two hour open bar, we'll make the best of it and try to fit in!

Anyone know the signifigance of a blue carnation and Dave Matthews Band?!?! :-)

Came home to my quiet apartment and was greeted by a phone call from Chris B. I was so exhausted that I barely remember it, except for that he also did not know the significance of the blue carnation and DMB. I think it's a task for google!