"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

yet another day at work

Today pretty much went from bad to worse with a few bright spots in between.

For some reason, time eluded me this morning and I got to the station a bit late, thus walking into the office late, but still the first person there. I like being the first person in the office, it allows me a chance to organize myself before interacting with anyone. Plus it gaurantees that the coffee will be made to my liking! :-)

The exec assistant and I talked for the first hour since we were the only ones there. We have a lot of random banter between us and its a good way to start the day. Our intern came in shortly after and the first thing we did was switch out some light bulbs. I had the Logan House LDE show playing at my desk and while we were in the other room, the intern asked if I was playing "doin' the butt". So I laughed and said it was LDE doing a cover.

I was sitting at my desk, working on my computer, drinking out of my mug when the exec assistant comes running to my desk saying "giiiirrrrrlllll that's ttttiigggghhhtt!!" She surprised me and of course it was hilarious, so I end up choking and laughing at the same time - sending coffee up my nose and spraying it from my mouth all over my desk. At this point I had tears my eyes from laughter and the burning. So I dash to the kitchen, grab papertowels and clean my mess with the girls doubling over in laughter. The exec assistant gushes on how much she loves go-go music (she is from DC) and how she is digging this band that I am playing - so we spent the next half hour talking about them.

A few hours later the girls reconvened and inquired about the guitarist that I mentioned in a previous blog. I think they are up to no good. They know of other things going through my mind and they gave me a checklist of things to do and not do - it was hilarious as we checked ourselves off of the things that we are guilty of doing.

I was craving M&M's today for some reason, so we sent the intern on a candy run to fulfill our desires. Hmmm...what else...same ol', same ol'...oh yeah, and I got yelled at.

During the last hour I got a project involving an upcoming tour schedule. I wrote everything that I needed to do in my notebook and did it. Then it was faxed over to the artist. Afterwards, i was told on how much I screwed up and how if I didn't understand something I should ask. It wasn't that I didn't understand - it was that I didn't know that I had to put show dates in with the rehearsals and days off. I mean, I could have assumed that, but it wasn't expressed to me. I was also told that I was handed the calendar. I said no...the calendar was never given to me, it was placed on top of other papers, if it is not handed to me, I am not going to assume that I should go digging on someones desk to find something out of assumption. It's more detailed than that, but all in all, I was assertive and stood up for myself and defended my actions. I fixed it, it's not problem now, but I still don't like screwing up something that was obviously misunderstood on my part and not delivered correctly on the other end. So needless to say, I was pretty sour about getting called out in front of the office and for feeling awful about something that was just clearly not assigned to me effectively.

But at least when I got back to my desk I had an e-mail from NC that brightened my day. :-)